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It's something about the case involving Reality Winner that doesn't sound right
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 6, 2017

It’s something about this Reality Winner gal that isn’t right. First of all, her name. Who names her/his child Reality Winner? That’s like a person naming her/his child Shoot First.

I mean, are you trying to get the child in trouble before he or she is old enough to get into trouble? I can just hear the po’ po’ now, “Your honor, I know Shoot First shot first because he’s Shoot First.”

Basically, your name makes you guilty. And like someone who may have the unfortunate fate of being named Shoot First, Reality Winner’s name makes her guilty to some folks because of the mere fact that she’s working as a contractor with an agency that comes under the office of the first president who was a reality TV show host.

What is she trying to do? Is she trying to get a reality TV show, secretly produced by Donald Trump, called “The Russian Leaker?”

Then there’s her age. Reality Winner is 25-years-old, which is the perfect age for a reality TV star.

She’s young. So therefore, she has at least seven to eight good years to give to a network.

Finally, this young lady looks like someone who’s so disembodied that she can’t even get a hold of herself.

And a person must wonder, “How can someone, so young and immature looking be able to get her hands on documents to leak them?”

Yeah, I think Reality Winner has just been chosen as the unlucky winner to be the face of Donald Trump’s new reality TV show Forty-Five, The Leaking Episode.

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