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It's Father's Day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 17, 2018

Yeah, it’s Father’s Day. It’s the day when Fathers are reminded that they are indeed fathers.

Instead of getting gifts, dads get honeydoos and youdoos. The wife be like:
    Honey, look we got you a new lawn mower! Here, go try it out on
    the yard! Honey you see this new power washer we bought you.
    Go and see how much of that dirt it gets off the side of the house.
    Honey look at this hammer here. It's light and has a nice grip to
    it. You can finally fix that laundry room door for me.

And then here come the kids. They can’t have moms upping them. So they go and get dad something they just know he’ll enjoy; a stainless steel grill.

They run out, grinning from one ear to the other, with their hamburgers and hot dogs for daddy to barbeque. They be like:
     Daddy, we know how you love doing the barbequing. So we got
     these here hot dogs and hamburgers for you to try out on that
     new Weber grill we got you there. You remember that money we
     borrowed from you last week? Yeah that, well we put that
     together and got this here $2000 stainless steel grill for you.
     Don’t it look good daddy? Oh yeah daddy, we need some more
     money to get some charcoal. We forgot the charcoal, daddy.
     Thank you daddy.

That’s how it goes for a lot of y’all daddies out there. Y’all don’t get mama’s treatment.

During Mother’s Day mama gets money, a movie, a dinner, jewelry, perfume, clothes, shoes, a new hairdo, and told “I love you.”

But daddy, unh-unh, he gets work to do. And to top it off, mama and the children take daddy’s money that he gives to them and then goes out and buys him stuff to do work with.

Daddy doesn’t want a new lawnmower, a new power washer, a new hammer, or a new barbeque grill.

What daddy really wants is to be treated as good as y’all treat mama. He wants some money, a movie, a dinner, a new sports watch, cologne, clothes, shoes, a new haircut, and told “I appreciate you daddy.” Daddies want those things too.

Daddies want y’all to mow the lawn for them, power wash the house, fix that laundry door, and barbeque them some chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Daddies want y’all mamas to take the kids out so they can have the house to themselves.

Daddies love peace and quiet too. All daddy wants is to be treated the way y’all treat mama.

Daddies just want to be treated equally. That’s all. So get rid of all of those honeydoos and youdoos and start treating daddy the way you treat mama.

Happy Father’s Day to all of y’all daddies out there!

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