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The Walking Dead Shiva

The Walkiing Dead Shiva eating Nelson  

Jake Kearney from The Walking
Dead is getting hate tweets
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 14, 2017

Some folks on the Twitter are hating on the actor, Jake Kearney, who played Nelson in The Walking Dead.

Nelson was the member in Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) savior crew who threw the grenade at Carol (Melissa McBride) and caused all kinds of hell to break loose.

The good news is that Carol made it and is now back at the Hilltop. Unfortunately for Nelson, the good Lawd saw fit to have him be Shiva’s snack for all of that sinning he had done trying to kill Carol and them.

So when it came time for Shiva to be eaten by a gang of hungry walkers, Kearney, as Nelson, was very happy.

Kearney tweeted, “That cat had to go! He deserves that for ripping my face off!” Kearney tweeting Nelson’s true feelings about Shiva didn’t go over too well with The Walking Dead’s diehard fans, though.

A person who goes by Jedi master Lenew NR tweeted, “I’m glad be tore your fucking face off savior scum.”

This person, along with some other folks, don’t see that Kearney is nothing like that low down dirty Nelson. Kearney wouldn’t hurt a fly. That is as long as the fly isn’t on his sandwich. But you get the point, Kearney is a good dude.

He’s an actor playing a character, not a character playing an actor. In fact, he tweeted that he’s been a fan of the show since 2012 and “Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is” his “favorite character.”

Kearney also tweeted that he didn’t want Shiva to be eaten by a gang of hungry walkers.

The diehard fans of The Walking Dead aren’t paying any of this any never mind, though.

All they know is that Kearney tried to kill Carol and he is on that Twitter talking about how Rick killed some folks in Negan’s crew and that Shiva had it coming after eating Nelson.

As far as they are concerned, Nelson got his comeuppance for the wrong he did and Kearny will get his for defending the character he played in a TV series.

 The Flaming Gamer Zx tweeted to Kearney, “How about I get a tiger and put a nice juicy steak on your lap how would you like that.”

Kearney, being the fun guy he is, responded back with three simple words, “I’d love it.”

Another person by the name of Shawna Marie told Kearny that from this point forth he should refer to himself as “dead savior trash boy.”

Kearny told Shawna Marie that he would oblige and refer to himself as “Dead Savior trash boy.”

Now, any reasonable person who reads Kearney’s tweets will see that he was just being engaging and playing along. He wasn’t trying to be rude. He was just trying to get the audience more involve with the show by tweeting the way his character Nelson would.

And that’s cool. There are folks who like knowing that the actors are taking part in the show by communicating with the audience while the show is going on.

But then, there are the “them over there” folks. Y’all know, the folks who can’t separate reality from fiction and they start believing that they are actually on Rick or Negan’s team.

These are the fools folks need to place a TAPB (Twitter All Person Bulletin) out on.

They’re the type who’ll show up at your house with firecrackers and dog shit, and in some cases their own shit, on your doorstep.

There are some crazy sons of bitches out there.

And right now, poor ol’ Kearny is getting a taste of how crazy some of these folks are.

Check out some of the other crazy tweets.

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