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James Clapper hinted there's an investigation into Donald Trump's business dealings in Russia
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 10, 2017

During the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Monday, former CIA Director James Clapper hinted that there is a federal investigation into Donald Trump’s business dealings in Russia.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked James Clapper if there has been evidence “at all, anytime” associated with “Trump business interest in Russia” that caused him “concern.”

The former CIA director responded, “Ummm, Senator Graham I can’t comment on that because that impacts the investigation.”

In Washington DC terms that translates into “we’re investigating him and we don’t want to talk about it.”

Evidence of this is the investigation into Anthony Weiner and his “extra-curricular” activities.

The FBI was asked on numerous occasions if they were looking to see if there was any evidence on Weiner’s computer showing that former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton violated federal law by doing State Department work on her home server.

The answer was always “no comment” or just silence. Fast forward a week before the election and James Comey drops the bombshell that the FBI is looking at evidence on Weiner’s computer that may lead to the reopening of the case involving Clinton’s email server.

Welp, that never happened and Clinton lost the election. So yeah, when you hear someone who worked or is working in the federal government tell you that he can’t comment know that’s a clear sign that something isn’t going to go some unlucky fella or gal’s way. And in this case, Donald Trump is the unlucky fella.

The fact that his campaign is being investigated for possibly colluding with the Russians in order to swing the election his way; as well as the fact that Michael Flynn is shopping around town for immunity are all signs of things to come.

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