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James Comey plus investigations equal firing
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 16, 2017  Updated-March 19, 2017

The James Comey Equation is the one equation that all politicians should fear. The James Comey Equation goes a little something like this (James Comey + Congressional hearings + FBI investigations) raised to the nth power=Firing.

As last year election showed, Comey speaking to Congress and the FBI investigating your shadiness will lead to you getting fired before you get hired.

Just ask Hillary Clinton. Hillary had that thing won and then-Comey stepped in. Comey talked to Congress. Congress held hearings. The FBI read emails. Comey didn’t recommend prosecution.

Months pass and then an exponential was added to the equation. And as you guessed, Anthony Weiner was the exponential that increased Hillary Clinton’s chances of losing the 2016 Presidential Election.

Comey talked to Congress again. Congress held more hearings. The FBI did more investigations and the case into Clinton’s email use was re-opened. Hillary lost the election. Comey closed the investigation. Donald Trump cheered, but he didn’t lock her up.

Here’s the problem for ol’ Trump there. The FBI has launched an investigation into his associates relationship with Russia in order to determine if the Trump team assisted the Russians in the hacking of Clinton and her associates’ emails.

Trump and his team deny the claims. Unfortunately for Trump and his team, their denial of the claims aren’t enough to undermine the fact that like Clinton they are following the same equation of (James Comey + Congress hearings + FBI investigations) raised to the nth power=Firing.

James Comey has met with Congressmen, who have told the Trump team to “preserve” their communications with Russia.

Soon after that was announced, President Donald Trump decided to high tail it down to Florida while Vice President Mike Pence decided to high tail it out of the country to Europe.

And it would not be far off if a mind started to think that POTUS and his VEEP haul tailed it out of town because they sensed some shit was about to go down. Hell, they already had some shit to go down and that shit was Michael Flynn.

With only 24 days on the job, Michael Flynn had the shortest stint as the national security adviser in the history of the country. Flynn got caught in a lie and was booted out. Come to think of it, Flynn, like Weiner, could be the exponential in this case.

Like Weiner, Flynn has a direct connection to the person, President Donald Trump, who many believe is a “subject” in the FBI investigation into the Russian’s hacking of the democrats.

He is being investigated to see if he discussed non-privileged information with the Russian ambassador.

Since the investigation began, Flynn has gotten the hush mouth. And when somebody gets the hush mouth, they are either guilty of something or they know something that somebody doesn’t want them to know and tell.

And based on the James Comey equation, the chances are that Flynn, the exponential, will tell something that eventually leads to President Donald Trump being impeached.

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