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Janelle Monae tried to start a Twitter conversation about Aunt Flow
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 16, 2017  Updated-March 19, 2017

In honor of Women History Month, Hidden Figures star Janelle Monae tried to start a Twitter conversation about Aunt Flow. Monae tweeted, “Menstrual Period Blood.”

I know, I know, I know the “Blood” part at the end is a bit much. However, her reasoning is understandable considering the fact that if there was no Aunt Flow then there will be no hu-man or hu-woman.

There were those who agreed, while others just couldn’t get around that whole “Blood” bit. Edward Weidle tweeted that he had no problems with the discussion about Aunt Flow because “menstruation is natural,” and natural it is indeed.

Women experience this every month. And men, who have women in their lives, experience it as well in an also unique way that involves several different mood swings.

A young lady by the name of Tiara, on the other hand, did not want to use the also public space of Twitter to talk about Aunt Flow.

She tweeted to Monae, “I think all bodily fluids are gross once they leave the body. Any fluid can be a vector for a disease.”

Weeelll, Tiara is correct that bodily fluid is how diseases are transmitted. And Aunt Flow is a bodily fluid.

Monae didn’t want to hear any of this, though. Monae told the young lady that the way she feels about Aunt Flow is the way she feels about her: “Girl I feel the same about you.”

Monae also asked Tiara if her opinion would be different if her parents decided that their bodily fluids were so gross that their bodily fluids shouldn’t be used to make her (Tiara): “Taking a different approach. What if your dad and mom had this mindset & didn’t like the bodily fluid called sperm and squirted you in a napkin?”

Welp, the only thing to say about that is not any of us would exist today if we didn’t have Aunt Flow and the milky stream.

And with that being said, I hope you all had a happy International Women’s day and an early happy International Men’s day, which will be on November 19, 2017.

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