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Jeb Bush only looks at the polls that make him look good
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 25, 2016 

Last Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” Jeb Bush told host Megyn Kelly that he looks at the polls that make him look good. Bush said, “I only look at the polls that show me doing well. That’s, that’s, that’s my strategy.”

Kelly laughed and told Bush that an upbeat attitude is always best: “That’s it, stay positive. The power of positive thinking. I believe in that too.”

Initially, many believed that Bush would be the Republican Presidential Nominee. However, business mogul Donald Trump’s entry into the race ended Bush’s coronation.

After Trump threw his name in the hat, Bush found himself going further down in the national and early state polls.

The American Research Group's poll on New Hampshire, which Kelly quoted on her show, has Bush in fifth place.

Donald Trump is leading the way with 27%, followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich who has 20%, and then Sen. Marco Rubio who has 10%. Sen. Ted Cruz and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who're tied at 9%, are in fourth place in the poll.

The Iowa polls also do not bode too well for Bush. The Real Clear Politics average for the state has Bush in fifth place with 4.2%. Trump is leading the way with 32.2%.

He is followed by Sen. Ted Cruz who has 27%. Sen. Marco Rubio is in third place with 12.2%, while Dr. Ben Carson is holding on at fourth place with 7.4%.

The national poll is consistent with early states’ polls in that the national poll has Donald Trump leading, with Ted Cruz in second, Marco Rubio in third, and Ben Carson in fourth. Bush comes in at fifth place.

Despite his current standing in the polls, Bush remains “positive” about his chances of becoming the next president of the United States.

Bush told Kelly that he has the “best ground game” and that when the smoke clears he will be the Republican Presidential Nominee: “The simple fact is we have the best ground game here [New Hampshire]. I’m connecting with voters, and we’re making, we’re making really good progress because I have a proven record and I have detailed plans and I can show it.”

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