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Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook
stock and account
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 21, 2018

Comedian Jim Carrey isn’t feeling Facebook. The comedian went on the Twitter to tell folks they need to kick Facebook to the curb.

Carrey doesn’t take too kind to the fact that Facebook was the main social media platform that enabled those shady Russians to help Donald Trump to not “Make America Great Again.”

So Carrey decided he’ll get rid of his Facebook stock and his Facebook account. Now I’m sure it was easy for him to get rid of his stock. But the account, I don’t know about that.

I remember hearing about how difficult it is for folks to ditch Facebook. Facebook is like the girlfriend who won’t let you go. She keeps calling, calling, and calling. No matter what you do, she finds you and keeps calling you until you take her back. That’s Facebook. They don’t like break ups. They only like hook ups. Ha, get it, “likes?” Yup, Facebook needs those likes now.

Facebook can’t have their 1 billion plus users leaving them because they lie down with Russians and come up with BV (Bot Virus).

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows this. That’s why he’s running around here trying to make as many changes as he can like letting folks know when they are being advertised to and placing actual news above promoted news.

But I doubt any of Zuckerberg’s actions will help. Facebook has an image problem.

And according to Tavis McGinn, Mark Zuckerberg’s image is the problem. McGinn was hired to see if the public “likes” Zuckerberg.

But with only 6 months under his belt, McGinn decided to tell Zuckerberg and Facebook deuces.

McGinn told The Verge that “Facebook is Mark, and Mark is Facebook.” McGinn said he went in to Facebook with a positive attitude, hoping to bring his outsider’s view into the company. But once in, McGinn realized that his view was going to stay on the outside.

McGinn said to The Verge, “I worked there for six months and I realized that even on the inside, I was not going to be able to change the way that the company does business. I couldn’t change the values. I couldn’t change the culture. I was probably far too optimistic.”

So yeah, Carrey did the right thing by dumping his Facebook stock and account. My guess is there will be more to follow.

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