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Joe and Mkia said that Kellyanne Conway
really doesn't like Donald Trump
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 28, 2017

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski decided that they would tell everybody what White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway really thinks about Donald Trump.

Brzezinski began with, “This is a woman, by the way, who came on our show during the campaign and will shill for Trump and um extensive um fashion and then she would get off the air. The camera would be turned off. The microphone would be taped off and she would say, ‘I need to take a shower’ because she disliked her candidate so much.’”

Scarborough added his two cents into the conversation by talking about how Conway would tell them that her time with then candidate Trump was like her “summer in Europe.”

According to Scarborough, Conway believed she wouldn’t have to cash her check and hold her nose too long because she’d be off the Trump ship as soon as the election was over.

All of this snitching occurred because Conway has been going around town telling folks that folks in the media, like Scarborough and Brzezinski, have been lying like a cross tire about Trump’s crew.

Two Sundays ago, during an appearance on Fox News’ “Media Matters” with host Howard Kurtz, Kellyanne Conway told Howard Kurtz that opinion folks, like the Morning Joe crew, need to stop “passing themselves off as news reporters” when “they’re expressing their opinions.”

Welp, Scarborough and Brzezinski didn’t like that. So they showed clips of all of Conway’s lies.

Scarborough and Brzezinski showed the “Alternative Facts” clip, the “Bowling Green Massacre” lie, “Microwaves turning into cameras” tale, and Former FBI Director James Comey firing being about every and anything but the Russian investigation.

As a result of these tall tales, Brzezinski decided to tell everybody that she finds it quite interesting how Conway is going around town bad mouthing the media when during the campaign she spent her time off the air talking about Donald Trump worse than they talk about the child of God:-“I have to take a shower because it feels so dirty to be saying what I’m saying.”

And now that Conway’s good living is dependent upon those federal government checks, popping her gums for Trump doesn’t “feel so dirty.” Or as Brzezinski put it, “I guess she’s just use to it now.”

Scarborough jumped in and let everybody know that Conway became shiny clean brand new after that “Grab em by the Pussy” tape hit the on-line and Nightly News channels.

Scarborough told folks, “And, also, I thought it was very interesting after the Access Hollywood tape came out that’s when she started referring to Donald Trump as…my client…I don’t believe in this guy he’s just my client. It’s just a paycheck.”

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