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John Boehner "dry thanks" HBO's Veep Selina Meyers for the pillow gift
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 15, 2015

I wouldn’t read too much into Speaker of the House John Boehner’s dry thank you that he gave to HBO’s Veep Selina Meyers (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who is now Madam President Meyers, for the pillow that she gave him.

Boehner tweeted, “Thank you, President Meyer for the couch pillow you recently sent. It’s…nice?”

The pillow has Boehner’s first name, John, etched in the right hand corner and below his name is an image of Mount Rushmore which has Madame President Selina Meyers in the place where former President Thomas Jefferson would be.

The pillow has a sky blue, black and white, gray color that goes somewhat with Boehner’s old style, candy cane, beige stripe, colored couch.

It is not clear if Boehner’s dry thank you resulted from the pillow’s color being a mix match with his couch or if it was Madam President Meyers’ taking Jefferson’s place in between former Presidents George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt, which I’m sure they would’ve preferred.

But, it is clear from his act of placing the pillow on his couch and tweeting out an image of it that he appreciated the gift to some degree.

Dreyfus retweeted Boehner a response in which she said, “@SpeakerBoehner @VeepHBO You are most welcome, Mr Speaker but are you being….sarcastic?”

Despite the question, chances are these two do not have any bad blood between them. After all, Boehner was allowed a cameo in Dreyfus and the actual Veep’s, Joe Biden, video that was shown during last year’s White House Correspondence Dinner.

So the chances are that they are ok and they’re just having a little fun.

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