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John Kelly won't be the White House
chief of staff for too long
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 19, 2018

John Kelly won’t be the White House chief of staff for too long. I give him until May of this year which is also the same time that former FBI Director James Comey was given his walking papers.

Evidence of the fact that President Donald Trump is going to tell John Kelly, “You’re fired,” is Trump’s uttering of those two words, “full confidence,” which Trump has used to describe his support for former White House staff members who were shown the door marked exit.

Donald Trump said he had “full confidence” in former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and former White House Communications Director Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci. All of those folks are gone!

Hell, Trump’s “full confidence” in Priebus is what led to Kelly becoming the White House chief of staff.

Considering the fact that Kelly is a beneficiary of Trump’s “full confidence” in his (Kelly) successor, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Trump sends one of his minions to tell Kelly to pack his duds and hit the road Jack.

Kelly has been knee deep in shit with Trump ever since he arrived on the scene.

His first mistake was the same mistake that former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon made which was to get credit for Donald Trump’s success.

Y’all remember?! Bannon appeared on that Time Magazine cover, buying into the hype that he is Trump’s brain.

The SNL folks, the “Morning Joe” crew, and the guy at the 7/11 store were all joking about how Donald Trump couldn’t have a thought unless Steve Bannon told him what to think.

And as y’all know, Bannon didn’t last a year. He got his walking papers after that whole “bad people on both sides” comment Trump made after the Charlottesville attack that left a young woman dead.

Like Bannon, Kelly’s entrance into the White House got him special praise as the man controlling Trump.

CNN had the headline, “Trump remains Trump but evidence of Kelly’s reign is emerging.” Yup, those last four words, “Kelly’s reign is emerging,” is not something the Donald likes to read.

“Reign” is a word associated with a King, Pharaoh, or Emperor, not the chief of staff. As far as ol’ Trump there is concern, he’s the King and it’s his reign as the King President of the United States of America that folks should be focused on and not Kelly’s “reign” as the chief of staff.

It also didn’t help that the CNN headline, “Trump remains Trump but evidence of Kelly’s reign is emerging,” was written a little over a month after Kelly gave that “Lawd Have Mercy” look during Trump’s Charlottesville speech.

NBC’s headline about that one was, “He ‘went Rogue’: President Trump’s Staff Stunned After Latest Charlottesville Remarks.”

And just to add more salt and lemon juice to the wound, the New York Daily News told folks that Kelly was going through “five stages of grief during Donald Trump’s train wreck news conference.” The New York Daily News list Kelly’s “five stages of grief” as “The Donald Denial,” “Make Anger Great Again,” “The Art of the Bargaining,” “Trumpression,” and “The Acceptance.”

“The Acceptance” is a stage of grief the New York Daily News folks say was first identified by the folks over at The Apprentice where the Donald worked for over 10-years before deciding to go into the public sector and accept free public housing.

Yes folks, working for the federal government is working in the public sector. And if you live in the White House, you live in the People’s house; which is free housing.

Hahaha, I know, it sounds like what it sounds like! Donald Trump left his job at The Apprentice and is now living on welfare. We the People provide him with income, shelter, food, clothing, transportation, security, and shots when need be.

Now, let’s get back to more serious matters. KELLY! After Charlottesville, things seem to tamper down.

Bannon was gone and Kelly was restricting who could go in and out of the Oval Office. Heck, Kelly even knocked White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway back down to size by revoking her security detail, which was the Secret Service.

A GOP senator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told CNN in the article titled, “Trump remains Trump but evidence of Kelly’s reign is emerging,” that Kelly had things as right as rain.

CNN quoted the anonymous GOP senator as saying, “In the old days, you would arrive and the door to the Oval Office would be open…and the door behind you would stay open, and people were still wandering in and out - -staff kids, grandkids. When we walked in the Oval Office door was closed. The President was sitting alone at his desk. We had our meeting, no one came in or out. It was all business.”

Hell, the folks over at CNN even gave praise to John Kelly for hiring Beatdown Rob Porter.

Of course, this was before the folks over at CNN knew that Beatdown Rob allegedly likes to make his women folks carry those ass whuppins’ every now and then.

CNN highlighted Porter’s years of experience in Congress and how he was using his knowledge in order to make sure Donald Trump wasn’t getting the most popular far right tweets of the day on his desk.

CNN said about Beatdown Rob, “-Kelly has enlisted staff secretary Rob Porter, a longtime Capitol Hill aide, whose stock is on the rise inside the White House. GOP sources say Porter helps Kelly vet what information gets to the President’s desk and what gets stopped at the door.”

Later, we’d all find out that the folks in the White House and some on Capitol Hill knew Beat down Rob allegedly like to beat down his women and that his stock rose because of his boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with former Ivanka Trump clothing line model/White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

Unfortunately for Kelly, his double-talk about what and when he knew that Beat down Rob allegedly like beating on his women has beat down Kelly’s image to the point that it has given Trump the excuse he needs to get rid of Kelly before the year is up. Now, I’ll get back to all of that later.

As I was saying about that CNN headline, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that President Donald J. Trump Sr., did not like the anonymous GOP senator implying that Four Star Marine General John Kelly was able to create a “business” atmosphere that President Donald Trump, who is known for his business savvy, wasn’t able to create.

Folks began wondering just how long Kelly was going to last. Recognizing that those headlines glorifying him for his “business ” mentality was about to place his ass on the fire, Kelly decided he better show the boss man he was with him.

And what better way for Kelly to show he stands with President Trump than to launch verbal attacks at a sitting female congressional member.

Kelly’s king size lie, which PolitiFact rated as “false,” about Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) using the dedication of a new FBI building in Florida to two agents who were killed in order to boast about the amount of money she secured to get the building got Kelly a stay with Trump for the last two months in 2017. But then…the new year rolled around and Kelly got in trouble again.

Kelly brought attention to himself after he decided to tell folks that they should go easy on Trump when it comes to immigration because Trump is not as knowledgeable as he wants folks to believe he is on the subject.

According to the chit-chat on the on-line and CNN and MSNBC, Trump was madder than a rich man turned poor. He didn’t like the fact that Kelly tried making him look like a babbling nimpkoopoo who knew nothing about nothing.

Knowing that Trump was madder than a preacher with an empty collection plate on Sunday morning, Kelly decided to pull out his secret weapon; the threat of resignation.

The word on the on-line is that Kelly uses the threat of a resignation as a way to keep his job because he knows that the Republicans in Congress will not be receptive of Trump if he fires Kelly.

Before he took the job as chief of staff, Kelly was the United States secretary of Homeland Security.

According to a CNN report by Pamela Brown, Kelly was not too please with how Comey’s firing went down and threaten to resign as the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security.

But this time around, Kelly’s threat of resignation was due to his own faults and not Trump’s.

Kelly threaten to resign last week after he got caught in a lie about his knowledge concerning how his main boy, Beat down Rob, allegedly likes to beat down on his women folks.

Pictures don’t lie! Beat down Rob was told not to let the door hit him where the good Lawd split him.

Republicans and Democrats agreed that Trump needed to let Kelly go. Sensing that he was in a head full of trouble, Kelly offered his resignation to Trump. Trump didn’t accept it though.

But knowing how Trump is, he’s just toying with Kelly and waiting for the right time to get rid of him.

And oh yeah, before I forget, there’s also word that Trump has been talking to Priebus, Kelly’s predecessor, about what to do about Kelly.

Kelly, of course, denies he’s on his way out but we all know what’s up.

When a person’s boss starts talking to his predecessor, whose job he took, about the bad job he’s doing, that’s a sign that that person is on his way out the door. Yup, Kelly gone!

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