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John Turturro taught Stephen Colbert
how to dance
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 15, 2019

John Turturro taught Stephen Colbert how to do the Muhammad Ali dance, The Jesus, which y’all can see Turturro doing in the movie The Big Lebowski.

The dance is fairly simple. All y’all have to do is move back, like you’re moving away from your opponent, sway a little bit and then grab your feet. It’s easy. It’s easy.

John Turturro decided to teach Stephen Colbert how to do The Jesus after Stephen Colbert told him that Julianne Moore, who co-stars with John Turturro in Gloria Bell, said that he, John Turturro, is the one who taught her how to dance.

Turturro giggled a lit bit and admitted that he did show Moore a thing or two.

    "Where did you get your dancing skills? Colbert asked Turturro

     "…in the basement. Turturro responded.  Etta James some, in the
      basement, you know? 

     "Sure," said Colbert.

Turturro said if it wasn’t for his friend Wayne telling him to get a hula hoop and twist to Chubby Checker then he wouldn’t be able to move his hips like he does when he’s dancing The Jesus.

Turturro told Colbert, "I grew up in Hollis, Queens. So I remember my friend, Wayne, he told me to holla hoop and twist to Chubby Checker. You know, I was like three or four-years old."

It's obvious that Wayne's advice about that hula hoop helped. Because not only can Turturro do The Twist, but he can Ham Bone and do The Jesus as well.

Go on and check out the YouTube video below of Turturro teaching Colbert how to dance The Jesus.

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