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Julia Louis-Dreyfus-We are really satirizing
the culture of politics not a particular party
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 28, 2017

On Thursday, during an appearance on Conan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Selina Meyer on HBO’s VEEP, told Conan O’Brien that the purpose of the VEEP is to crack on politics in general.

Louis-Dreyfus told O’Brien, “We are really satirizing the culture of politics not a particular party.”

Unlike the more dramatic political shows like Scandal, the VEEP doesn’t reveal the characters’ party affiliation.

This works out for the best because it allows the show to focus on its main point which is the political circus that is ran by a large number of nimpkoopoos and crazy folks who have found their calling in politics. Selina Meyer is a perfect example of this.

During the “Convention” episode, there is a line whereby Amy Brookheimer, played by Anna Chlumsky, tells  Selina Meyer that her porch light is never on.

Brookheimer says to Meyer, “You have two settings, no decision and bad decision. I wouldn’t let you run a bath without having the Coast Guard and Fire Department standing by. But yet, here you are running America. You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets and maybe slavery.”

The VEEP’s cast members have said that the folks working in D.C. have told them that they’ve been right about some of the goings on in DC.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the “Convention” episode was right down to a T, but it does mean that the essence of D.C. is something the VEEP team tends to get right.

Anna Chlumusky and Kevin Dunn, who plays Ben Cafferty, shared some stories.

Chlumsky told everyone that some of her friends, who work on Capitol Hill, have been so shocked about how closely the VEEP resembles the real D.C. that they’ve asked her if the show’s writers researched the daily goings ons in their offices in order to write an episode.

Dunn told a story about how during one of the White House Correspondence dinners, a young man approached him and said, “I think I’m Ben Cafferty.” Knowing how his character is, Dunn wondered if the young man is a “manic depressant,” an “alcoholic,” or both.

The answer?  Welp, Dunn never did say.

The VEEP has been renewed for a seventh season, which will air in 2018.

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