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Julian Assange asked if Robert Mueller is a dirty cop
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 5, 2017

Yesterday, Julian Assange took to Twitter to question if Special Counsel Robert Muller is a dirty cop.

Assange tweeted, “Is Robert Mueller a dirty cop?” Assange’s tweet comes a day after it was reported that Muller expanded his Russian investigation to include a grand jury and Donald Trump’s businesses.

The tipping point came this week after the White House seem to confirm a Washington Post report that Donald Trump Sr., played a larger role in writing Donald Trump Jr.’s statement regarding his meeting with the Russians about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The Trumps have denied any involvement with the Russians. However, the continuous drip, drip, drip about their Russian connections has caused the Trumps’ denials to fall on deaf ears.

In addition, it hasn’t helped that Donald Trump said that if the Russians had hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) server no one would have known about it.

There is speculation that Julian Assange received the DNC emails from the Russians.

Julian Assange’s organization, WikiLeaks, published the DNC’s stolen emails on the WikiLeaks site.

Assange has denied he received the emails from the Russians. But, like the Trumps’ denial, Assange’s denial isn’t convincing.

The problem that Assange faces is that he owns a website that publishes classified information and private citizens’ information.

The DNC’s stolen emails are published on WikiLeaks’ site. So the question becomes if the Russians didn’t provide the emails to Assange, then did he provide the emails to the Russians?

Hence, the question is does Assange have people working at WikiLeaks whose job it is to hack into governments’ and private citizens’ computers in order to steal and then distribute out their classified and personal information on WikiLeaks’ site?

Plus, the fact that Assange decided to question Mueller a day after Mueller expanded his investigation to include the Trump's businesses makes folks wonder if there is more to Julian Assange, Russia, and Donald Trump and his crew than any would like for folks to know.

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