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Under the Radar
The Addams Family Little Girl Dancing;
WATCH ME! I got it!
Ted the teddy bear throwing an apple;
Muthafuckas are gonna take it!
Smiling Lady with 'Help Me' written on a coffee cup;
Don't believe the words on a cup

Justin Trudeau's socks;

Twitter photo

Justin Trudeau had on some
funny looking socks
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 11, 2018

I’ma just say this first. I generally don’t talk about what folks have on because the way a person dresses is a reflection of who he is.

Having said that, somebody should have told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put on some different socks because those socks took away from the issue at hand; which was Donald Trump’s craziness during the G7 Summit.

Trudeau had already committed a fashion crime by being a young man wearing an ol’ man powered blue suit with medium brown colored shoes.

Like I said, I wasn't gonna mention the suit but those socks; unh-unh. Those socks are a dark blue with what appears to be an even darker blue longhorn decoration stitched into the socks.

And if you look closely at Trudeau’s left leg, you will be able to see yellow at the top of the dark blue sock.

For Trudeau, the good news is that his sock problem is not a problem that is without a solution.

The way to fix it is for Trudeau to wear some pants that are long enough to cover his socks whenever he sits down.

That way, folks won’t see those funny looking socks he likes to wear. And that will be good because those funny looking socks don’t look too hot on a young man like himself.

I know there are those of you who are wondering where I saw the not so hot socks. Well, I saw the not so hot socks after The Hill tweeted out a photo of Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau during the G7 Summit.

At the top of the photo was the headline, “Top Trump aide: “There’s a special place in hell for Justin Trudeau.”

Trump and his crew are never minding the fact that they got a “special place in hell” after they decided to break two of those Ten Commandments that say, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thou neighbor,” and “Thou shalt not lie.”

Donald Trump did all of that last week after he fixed his lips to accuse Canada of being a national security threat.

And to top it off, ol’ Donald John tried justifying his lie by blaming Canada for what the British did, which was to burn down the White House in 1812, after the U.S. invaded Canada in an effort to take the territory away from the British.

Y’all have to admit that when somebody wrongly accuses a person of the wrong that somebody else did to him way back when in order to justify his wrong against that person then the wrongfully accused is more than justified to come back and call him out on all the shit he’s saying about him and doing to him.

And that is exactly what Trudeau is doing. Trudeau saying to Trump, “As I have consistently said, I will always protect Canadian workers and Canadian interests…We also will not be pushed around,” is just Trudeau rightfully telling Donald John that he knows about all the shit he is doing and saying about Canada and the rest of the U.S.’ allies.

Unfortunately for Donald John, he isn’t helping to clean up the shituation.

Instead of staying there with Canada and the other G6 countries to work out this trade mess he caused, Donald John gets on Air Force One to go to Singapore in order to take a photo op with enemy number one, North Korean leader Big Baby Kim Jong-un.

Every time I turn around, Big Baby Kim is throwing a temper tantrum, hollering and carrying on about blowing up the U.S., Japan, and or South Korea with those “Dollar Store” nukes he has whenever he doesn’t get his way.

Yet Trump, who’s always saying he doesn’t like Iran because they’re always chanting “Death to America,” forsakes our friends for an enemy who always says “Death to America” while pointing his “paper” nukes at us and our allies.

So all of y’all Trump lovers are sadly mistaken if y’all think that, at the end of the day, this is going to be more than a photo op with Big Baby Kim Jong-Un.

Really, the only thing the Trump folks will have coming out of this meeting is that neither Donald John or Big Baby Kim are going to be showing their socks. It’s no telling what their socks look like.

Donald John probably wears the Playboy pink bunny socks, and Big Baby Kim looks like the type who wears yellow socks with the cartoon Ducks’ faces on the socks.

Y’all know both of them like to wear those black suits. So just imagine Donald John wearing a black suit with Playboy pink bunny socks, while Big Baby Kim is sitting there with his black suit and yellow socks with the cartoon Ducks’ faces on the socks.

That will be a helluva funny sight that will definitely take away from the topic at hand, which is the U.S.-North Korean Summit.

Those socks will mess up everything, I tell ya. Just ask Justin Trudeau. His socks took away from Donald John’s frown in that photo op.

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