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Karen Handel handled it
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 21, 2017

Welp, Karen Handel handled it. Georgia’s 6th voters went to the polls on Tuesday and decided that they didn’t want Jon Ossoff representing them in Congress.

So they voted his Ossoff, giving Handel a win of 51% to Ossoff’s 48%. Yes, I know. It was a close race. But, a win is a win.

Handel was able to pull off a win by focusing on those in her district. The former secretary of state of Georgia hit home the point that politics is local.

Handel said during her victory speech, “We may have some different beliefs, but we are part of one community, the community of the 6th District.”

Unlike Ossoff, Handel lives in the district. She has built relationships with members within the community.

Everybody from the teacher to the preacher knows who she is. Now, I must admit, Handel is not a natural born Southerner. She was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C., but she’s been living in Georgia for the past 25-years.

During her 25-years of living in the Peach State she developed some Southern qualities like the dialect, going to church, and being mannerable to those she’s talking to.

Because with Southern folks, going to church and being respectful even when you’re disrespectful is important. God fearing is good rearing. 

Handel understands that there are just certain things you don’t do and one of those things is to be disrespectful while being disrespectful.

This is something the young fella Jon Ossoff did when he decided to run against his elder for a congressional seat in a district where he doesn’t even live and can’t vote for himself.

This goes to that ol’ saying of, “Don’t come trying to build a throne in my home because you can’t build one in yours.”

Basically, don’t try to use me to give yourself a name and fame. And this is what Ossoff was trying to do.

Jon Ossoff has worked for Congressman John Lewis and Congressman Hank Johnson. Lewis represents Georgia 5th , while Johnson represents Georgia 4th.

Ossoff knew that he couldn’t run in Georgia 5th or in Georgia 4th because he wouldn’t be able to unseat Lewis or Johnson.

Therefore, Ossoff did the next best thing which is to hop onto the anti-Trump train and ride it into victory in the Georgia 6th. Welp, that didn’t happen.

And it didn’t happen because Ossoff, who grew up in the Georgia 6th , didn’t know the people and the politics in the Georgia 6th.

Due to him not knowing the people and the politics in the district where he grew up in, folks decided to turn instead to ol’ girl Karen Handel who has made her bones in Georgia politics.

She’s was the former secretary of state and chairwoman of Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

Plus, Handel is the first woman to represent folks from the Georgia 6th. And despite her political views, that is an accomplishment. Once again, respect.

Handel is a woman of a certain era and here comes this 30-something-year-old baby running against her, telling her and the folks in her district that he will be better than this grown woman who’s lived in the district almost as long as he’s been living.

You just don’t do that. You wait your turn and the fact that this young fella was running in a race where he didn’t even qualify to cast a vote for himself in says he was being selfish and disrespectful to the voters of that district.

Sure, Ossoff’s a Southern fella but Georgia is like every place on this earth. Each area has its own special politics.

The one thing I can tell you about the South is that if you want to win any political race then you better know the folks in the area where you live.

And the fact that Ossoff grew up in the Georgia 6th and didn’t know the people of the Georgia 6th is why he lost.

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