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Kellyanne Conway pulled the woman card
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 18, 2016

Kellyanne Conway (Kitty Kelly) pulled the woman’s card on Morning Joe. Earlier during this month, Kitty Kelly got mad after Joe Scarborough (Snitching Joe) told everybody that Kitty Kelly was a fish out of water vying for a job she wasn’t qualified for.

During an episode of “Morning Joe,” Snitching Joe said, “Kellyanne doesn’t have a job yet and she’s angry about that. She hasn’t been offered the job she wants.”

Snitching Joe’s comment was a response to the alleged in-fighting within Donald Trump’s (Street Corner Donald, The Donald) camp over the possibility of Mitt Romney (Sneaky Mitt) becoming the next Secretary of State.

During an earlier appearance on Meet the Press, Kitty Kelly told host Chuck Todd (Chucky T) that Sneaky Mitt dissing of Street Corner Donald makes him [Sneaky Mitt] unqualified to be the secretary of state.

Mika Brizensky (Mik Mik) said she heard from some of Trump’s people that Kitty Kelly was being selfish and inconsiderate.

According to Mik Mik, Street Corner Donald’s top aides are mad that ‘instead of driving Street Corner Donald message she’s pushing her own agenda.’

Mik Mik also stated that one of Street Corner Donald’s people warned that Kitty Kelly’s behavior has become so bad that it is “dangerous.”

In response, Kitty Kelly texted the “Morning Joe” crew and told them they were being sexist because they were bad mouthing her.

Now, this in and of itself is funny considering the fact that Kitty Kelly loves to admonish folks about “pulling the identity card.”

In fact, a couple of days after her “they picking on me response” to the “Morning Joe” crew, Kitty Kelly told a 17-year-old minor girl that she was pulling the identity card because she was asking about Street Corner Donald famous “grab them by the pussy” comment.

Kitty Kelly scolded the minor child by saying, “Women are tired of the same argument and the same thing you are presenting to me right now. I’m glad that people looked at [those attacks] and said, ‘You know what? That’s an argument that will not create a single job in my community.”

Yet, after the “Morning Joe” crew reported about what they heard from Street Corner Donald’s top people, Kitty Kelly did exactly what she said the minor age child did; which is “playing the woman’s card” in order to ignore what she thinks are more important issues.

And for Kitty Kelly, the most important issue for her would be to get the job she wants within Street Corner Donald’s administration.

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