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Under the Radar
Hahaha, take that
you aliens! MOXIE got
us humans breathable oxygen from Mars'
carbon dioxide rich atmosphere!
Totaled out Maserati SUV under a California freeway;
Man fleeing the police driving over 100 mph crashes girlfriend's Maserati SUV under
the freeway
Death has decided that 82 years is all Bernie Madoff will get in this life;
Death refused to let Bernie Madoff serve
out his 150-year prison sentence

Kevin McCarthy standing in front of the Speaker of the House sign ;

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy says it is a good
thing he was elected speaker on
the 15th round
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 11, 2023

It was only fitting that I became the Speaker of the House on the 15th round of votes. Like the number 15, I represent change and progress.

And what do the American people want? They want to hope for change and progress. It is why they gave us, the Republicans, the majority in the House. The American people recognize that we, not the Democrats, are the party that will have them hoping for change and progress.

Look, I get it. Many of you thought I wouldn’t be here. But like I told everyone, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Numbers go up, not down. Where did we start?! One! Not zero, but one. And what comes after one, two, and then three, four, five, and eventually 15.”

And here I stand before you, after the 15th round of votes, as the Speaker of the House ready to deliver to the American people the hope for change and progress that they want.


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