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Khaleesi the bulldog isn't afraid
of The Nun
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 28, 2018

You may be afraid of the demon Valek in The Nun . But Khaleesi the bulldog, unh-unh.

Khaleesi isn’t afraid of Valek one bit. Whenever Khaleesi sees the demon Valak, Khaleesi immediately runs to the edge of the bed, sits up on her little hind legs, sticks her little chest out, and barks; RUFF, RUFF, RUFF!

Khaleesi won’t take any scares from the president of hell. No sir. Unh-uhn, no way, no how!

Khaleesi is a canine. Canines are man’s best friend and pals with the Egyptian God of the Dead Anubis.

Y’all know Anubis! He’s the dude god who walks around with the head of jackal just to let folks know he means business.

So yeah, it’s not part of Khaleesi’s doggy DNA to be scared of some demon who is the president of hell.

There Valak is, standing up there, dressed like a nun, his teeth all rotten from the inside out, with all of that white makeup caked on his face, making him look like a paranormal Marilyn Manson.

Y’all tell me this, why are some of y’all scared of that?! I mean, some of y’all are so scurry of Valak that y’all had the YouTubeing folks to ban one of The Nun’s commercials because y’all claimed it was causing y’all to almost have a heart attack.

Hahaha, y’all scury cats! That’s what y’all are, scury cats; giving cats, the guardians of the underworld, a bad name! What would poor ol’ Garfiled say about that?!

Khaleesi the canine isn’t a scury cat, though. She’s an atomic dog. If you want Khaleesi to get to shakin’ in her little doggy boots and her little tail to tuck in between her little doggy legs, then you better come with an evil that is STRONGER than the president of hell.

Khaleesi sees evil on the TV screen and she barks at the evil in order to alert her humans about it.

RUFF, RUFF, RUFF is what Khaleesi the bulldog said to that evil demon name of Valak.

Khaleesi lets Valak know that she means business.

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