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Russian President Vladimir Putin;
Vladimir Putin threatens
to use nuclear weapons during a non nuclear weapons attack
Senator Bob Menendez;
Senator Bob Menendez lets Mike Pompeo know that he’s aware of the new weapons sale deal he’s trying to do with the Saudis
Donald Trump Yelling;
I don't think Donald Trump will cooperate with Eliot Engel's investigation into his Saudi arms deal

Kim Jong-un looking up at a high rise buildring;

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un bans high
rise windows because
the hgih rise windows
are taller than him
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 16, 2019

Young Kim Jong-un is a sensitive man who is self-conscious of his five foot eight frame whenever he has to look up at anything or anyone.

That’s why it isn’t surprising that the young North Korean leader has banned high rise windows.

In his statement to the North Korean people, lil’ Kim said, “Today, your supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, is banning all high rise windows. These windows will not rise…high…above Kim…for all to see. We will have low and small windows, instead!"


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