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North Korean South Korean Summit;

North Korean South Korean Summit Cheongwadae/Blue House April 27, 2018   

Kim Jong-un is allowing inspections
of the same nuclear facilities that
were inspected back in May
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 29, 2018

That Kim Jong-un…You have to give it to him though. He never stops trying to pour sugar on shhh; the “shhh” being North Korea’s nuclear program.

In his latest attempt to convince everybody that he’s change, the young North Korean leader has agreed to allow inspections of the same nuclear facilities that he supposedly had demolished back in May.

Y’all remember back in May when Will from CNN and them went to some shack in the woods where Lil’ Kim claimed his super-secret nuclear facility was hidden.

Will from CNN and them all got on a train. Lil Kim let the media take pictures, tweet out stuff, and video record the little journey to the nuclear shack in the woods and everything.

The only problem was that once everybody got there, nobody had the proper attire to witness the detonation of the nuclear shack in the woods.

No protective clothing, ear plugs, goggles, gloves, shoes, none of that. All they had on was Levis, Nike tennis shoes, and shades they bought from a Chinese gift shop.

But then again, if all a person is going to see is a shack in the woods getting blown to smithereens, they don’t need on all of that protective clothing and things.

And as to be expected, this demolition show that Lil’ Kim is putting on will be just like the previous demolition shows.

It will feature Will from CNN and them, some inspectors, a detonator, dirt, grass, raggedy buildings, and loud sounds.

Lil’ Kim is really putting on this dog and pony show because he wants the U.S. to loosen the reigns on the North Korean sanctions.

Those sanctions are preventing Lil’ Kim from getting in a position whereby he can take over South Korea.

Kim sees South Korea as his property that the U.S. stole. That’s why North Korea always complains about those joint military exercises the U.S., Japan, and South Korea do.

The North sees that as a reminder of the ass whuppin’ waiting for them if they think about puffing out a nuke.

They know what will happen! It will be an ass whuppin’ that will never wear off.

That’s why Lil’ Kim and them are always throwing temper tantrums about those joint military exercises.

They hope somebody, Russia and or China, will come along and make the U.S. get on away from there so they, North Korea, can do what they want to do; which is to sneak in and take over South Korea.

Russia and China aren’t dependable, though. Although it’s true that Russia and China are the duo that usually stops the UN Security Council from hitting Lil’ Kim and them with extra sanctions, it’s also true that Russia and China aren’t about to let Lil’ Kim and his crew mess up the things they have going.

Suuurrreee, Russian President Vladimir Putin is as crazy as a looney toon and the Chinese President Xi Jingping is as slick as Blue Magic grease, but they aren’t stupid.

Russia has its hands full with Syria and trying to intervene in as many western democracy elections as they can.

China also has its little hacking gig going on as well as trying to expand in Africa and keeping the Taiwanese in line.

The one thing China doesn’t need is to start investing in a war and to have a situation occur whereby the west and Japan are placed in a position that will enable them to provide Taiwan the assistance they need in order to get full independence from China.

China doesn’t need those types of problems; unh-unh. That’s why Russia and China are playing this little on the fence game whereby they agree to tighter sanctions that are tight enough to squeeze North Korea into doing the right thing like sitting down and talking to folks.

As soon as Lil' Kim starts popping off at the mouth, the Russians and Chinese will step in and tell him to sit his young, jitty bug self, down somewhere.

The Russians and Chinese can’t have Lil’ Kim messing up the thing they got going on.

Lil’ Kim knows this and it is why he has resorted to begging the U.S. to keep talking to him, “U.S. give me one mo’ chance. U.S., U.S. give me one mo’ chance.”

In an effort to get his “one mo’ chance,” Lil’ Kim has solicited the help of none other than…wait for it…South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

That’s right folks! Moon is now over the moon over Lil’ Kim and he wants to shine a light on the “goodness” in Lil’ Kim’s heart so the world will see that Lil’ Kim is not a bad man after all.

The Reuters quoted Lil’ Kim and Moo Moon trying to sell this two man circus with they want a “land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats.”

Mind you, Lil Kim isn’t a fool. He knows his words alongside Moo Moon aren’t enough.

That’s why Lil’ Kim and Moon Moon fixed their lips to tell everybody that all of this lovey dovey between them, despite the fact that their countries are still in a war with each other, wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the genius, business savvy, and wherewithal of the greatest man God Almighty Himself has created, DONALD JOOOHHHNNN Trump Sr.

Being every bit of the “dotard” that Lil' Kim tweeted that he is, our 72-year-old president named DONALD JOOOHHHNNN was like, “Ok, I’m all right with the Junior Mafia.”

On Wednesday, Donald John stood before the United Nations (UN) and told folks that he wasn’t trying to be “braggadocios” but he loves all of the gummy drop praises Lil’ Kim and Moon Moon have been given him.

Because hey, this love feast between the two Koreas never would have happened without the Great DONALD JOOOHHHNNN; at least, that’s what those three say.

On the flip side, the U.S. congress and intelligence community, Japan, and the UN are not feeling how Lil’ Kim is trying to feel everybody up.

They know Lil' Kim is trying to use peace as a way to walk through the front door so he can take over South Korea.

Mm-hmm, it’s easier to steal something with smiles and honeybuns than it is with guns and nuclear bombs.

And letting North Korea get into an unequal marriage with South Korea is something that the United States congress and intelligence community, Japan, and the UN, are not about to do; unh-unh, no sir!

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