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Kumail Nanjiani;

Emily V. Gordan and Kumanil Nanjiani's photo CC BY 2.0 

Kumail Nanjiani told Maggie Haberman
that he unfollowed her months ago on
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 30, 2018

Kumail Nanjiani tweeted to The New York Times (NYT) journalist and regular CNN guest Maggie Haberman that he unfollowed her months ago.

The reason Nanjiani told Haberman he wasn’t feeling her Twitter vibe is because of Haberman’s attempt at dissing comedienne Michelle Wolf. Haberman decided she would trip out on Wolf after Wolf did her job and cracked on folks at the White House Correspondence Dinner (WHCD).

Haberman tweeted, “The @PressSec sat and absorbed intense criticism of her physical appearance, her job performance, and so forth, instead of walking out, on national television, was impressive.”

Well, Nanjiani wasn’t feeling any of that. So he went to one of his many computer devices and tweeted what was on his mind.

This here is what he tweeted, “They call you liars. They call Mexican rapists. They call Muslims murders. They support white supremacists. But someone calls them out on what they do, and suddenly they’re heroes for not walking out.”

Needless to say, Haberman didn’t like that. She quickly responded back with her on little tweet.

It was shorter than Nanjiani’s but a response, never the less. Here it is, “That isn’t what I said. I also wasn’t aware that calling out her eye makeup was in league with all the rest.”

But this is exactly what she said. Haberman is praising Sanders for sitting and listening to jokes that Haberman has wrongly classified as hate.

Haberman is placing Wolf’s jokes about Sanders in the same category as Donald (Donald John) Trump’s haterade that he spits on a daily basis about everybody.

Folks, this is not a difference without a distinction. These two things are just simply different and can be distinguish.

Jokes based on your haterade and stupidity is not the same as your haterade and stupidity that’s causing folks to crack on you. But y’all see, that ain’t even the worse of it.

The worse part about all of this is the fact that Haberman decided that the only joke during Wolf’s 30 minute plus set that she didn’t like was the one about Sarah Sanders; which, by the way, didn’t include anything about Sander’s “eye makeup” as Haberman wants folks to believe. And here it is:

     “And of course we have Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We are graced
    with Sarah’s presence tonight. I have to say I’m a little star
    struck. I love you as Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale. Mike     
    Pence if you haven’t seen it, you would love it. Every time Sarah
    steps up to the podium, I get excited because I’m not really sure
    what we’re going to get. You know a press briefing, a bunch of
    lies, or divided into a softball team. It’s shirts and skins and this
    time don’t be such a little bitch Jim Acosta. I actually really like
    Sarah. I think she’s very resourceful but she burns fast and then
    she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Like maybe she’s
    born with it. Maybe it’s lies. It’s probably lies. And I’m never really
    sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know is it Sarah
    Sanders? Is it Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Is it Cousin Huckabee. Is
    it Auntie Huckabee Sanders. But what’s Uncle Tom but for white
    women who disappoint other white women. Oh, I know, Ann

It’s funny! Hell, it ain’t like that raunchy skit Saturday Night Live (SNL) did with Aidy Bryant playing Sarah Sanders, rolling around on a desk in a pink jacket that covered her black swimsuit, sticking her tongue out, all the while singing the Demi Lovato song “Confident.”

Now that right there was funnier than muthafucka! I didn’t hear Haberman complaining about that, though.

And that skit was more humiliating than anything Wolf could have said. I mean the sight of it! Lawd have mercy! But, it was funny; just like Wolf’s joke was funny.

Honestly, I found it quite interesting that Haberman had a lot of stuff to say about Wolf cracking on Sanders but she had the hush mouth when Wolf cracked on McConnell and Ryan.

    “Mitch McConnell isn’t here tonight. He had a prior engagement.
    He’s finally getting his neck circumcised. Paul Ryan also couldn’t
    make it. Of course, he’s already been circumcised. Unfortunately
    while they were down there, they also took his balls,” is what Wolf
    said about the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the

I must admit that the whole uncircumcised dick neck joke about McConnell and Ryan having no balls was humiliating and funny all at the same time.

However, Haberman didn’t pay any never mind to Wolf’s joke about McConnell’s uncircumcised dick neck and Ryan’s balls.

Unlike McConnell and Ryan, Wolf didn’t talk about Sanders up under her clothes. Wolf didn’t do that. She just said, “I actually really like Sarah. I think she’s very resourceful but she burns fast and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye.” Plus some other stuff that wasn’t as bad as the stuff Wolf said about McConnell and Ryan.

Yet, Haberman only had a problem with what Wolf said about Sanders that but not with what was said about McConnell and Ryan.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the joke wasn’t funny. I’m just saying that Haberman tweeterventing about Wolf is hypocritical.

Nanjiani took notice of Haberman’s tweetervent and let her know about it. He tweeted that he believes Haberman is acting all salty towards Wolf because Sanders is one of her sources.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sanders is a White House (WH) snitch. Hell, folks have already said that White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, another one who Michelle Wolf cracked on, is a White House snitch.

At least, that’s what CNN’s Brian Stelter told her last year. Plus, the word was out that former White House Advisor and Adult Cartman Look-Alike Steve Bannon snitched on a daily basis.

Y’all remember Anthony “11-Day Man The Mooch” Scaramucci talking about this when he said that Bannon needed attention so to the point that he would “suck his own dick” for somebody to take notice of him.

Yup, that’s how bad it is over there in that White House. Those folks leak more than a bathroom pipe in the projects.

So it is perfectly reasonable why Nanjiani would question Haberman’s heated reaction to a joke from a comedienne about a woman who constantly disses the press every time she stands at the podium.

What is that Sander’s likes to say? “I’m not even going to dignify that with a response. That’s where your mind is. Be respectful.” That’s Sarah Sanders. She talks down to the press like they’re five-year-olds having a farting and booger digging eating contest at a sleep over.

Yet, all of a sudden Haberman wants to defend Sanders, who constantly disses she and her fellow journalists, after Wolf does her job and cracks on Sanders and everybody else in the press.

Mm-hmm, it’s also quite interesting that Haberman didn’t take time to tweet Nanjiani back when he tweeted that Sanders is one of her sources. Let that last part set in for a moment.

She got the hush mouth when asked if Sanders is one of her anonymous sources.

Mm-hmm, that’s why some folks are like Nanjiani and are asking, “Why is it that Haberman wants to support someone who doesn’t respect folks in her profession.”

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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