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Halloween Michael Myers
Take these Halloween reviews into
consideration when deciding if you should watch the movie
on Netflix
YouTube star Cameron Dallas Jail Photo in Colorado;
YouTube star Cameron Dallas tweeted he was protecting someone close to him when he beat up a man in a Colorado hotel
Sweet Word;
Twitter wants folks to be sweet when they tweet

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE ;

LSSC Screenshot YouTube 

LSSC MEANWHILE hot topics were
Taco Bell sauce saves lives, elixir
of immortality doesn't help the dead,
and Honest Abe flexes his abs
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 7, 2019

“MEANWHILE” is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s (LSSC) special segment that y’all should watch whenever y’all want to hear about funny news y’all may be able to use.

This week’s hot topics on "MEANWHILE" were the classic laugh out your side stories like Taco Bell sauce saves man and dog stuck in avalanche of snow, scientists find elixir of immortality in a 2,000 year-old dead man’s tomb in China, a South Carolina man won $1.5B lottery jackpot after letting a customer skip him in line, and one of the state courthouses in Los Angeles has been letting Abe Lincoln show off his abs for 78-years.

Go on and watch the YouTube video of “MEANWHILE.”  Y’all will laugh out y’all’s sides!

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