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Father's Day Joke Card;

Your ecards' picture from

LSSC finds out if the dads
want gifts this Father's Day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 14, 2018

The poll results are in! The dads have spoken! And some of them want their “darn” gifts while some of them “don’t need presents” for Father’s Day.

If any of y’all watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (LSSC) on Tuesday night, y’all got a chance to hear comedian Tom Papa tell folks that papas like himself don’t want anything for Father’s Day.

Here’s what Papa told ol’ Stephen there about the papas wanting gifts on Father’s Day, “I don’t want anything. You don’t want anything. No father wants anything.”

Due to Father’s Day being just around the corner, on Sunday that is, the folks over at LSSC decided they’d take a poll to see if what Papa said is true.

And according to LSSC’s polls, Papa is almost right. There were 958 folks who voted. Out of the 958 votes, 51% said, “I want my darn presents;” while 49% said, “We don’t need presents.”

Here’s why I say that Papa is almost right about the papas not wanting a gift.

If this poll was a little more scientific, there would be a margin of error that would most likely be somewhere between plus or minus two percentage points to five percentage points.

Therefore when taking this and the two percentage point difference between those who want their “darn presents” and those who “don’t need presents” into consideration, I have to say that Papa is almost right about the papas not wanting any presents.

Come to think of it, every year dads get the same gifts. Y’all know, the same tie and socks in a different color and a slightly more expensive fishing rod.

Hm, Father’s Day does suck for dads, huh? I guess the best present a child can give his/her dad is an empty house.

Yeah, peace and quiet is the best gift y’all can give y’all’s papas this Father’s Day.

That's what y'all do, give y'all's pappies some peace and quiet this Father's Day.

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