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Lawyers dropped Fotis Dulos in divorce case
and loan lawsuit around the same time he
hired a prominent criminal lawyer
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 11, 2019

A case in point that Fotis Dulos is looking like a husband who killed his wife are the recent reports of his lawyers citing “good cause” as the reason why they dropped him as their client in his divorce case and loan lawsuit around the same time he hired a prominent criminal lawyer, Norm Pattis, who is representing Infowars Alex Jones in the Sandy Hook hoax case.

The names of the lawyers who removed themselves from Dulos’ cases are Michael Rose in Hartford, Markowitz and Mawhinney Law Firm in Bloomfield, and John Clifford.

Rose was working on the divorce case, while Markowitz and Mawhinney Law Firm and John Clifford were working on the loan lawsuit.

And get this, Jennifer Dulos’ mother, Gloria Farber, filed the lawsuit against Fotis Dulos after he didn’t pay her back the money that she loaned him out of her family’s trust for that home construction business, the Fore Group, of his.

Y’all stop and think about that for a moment. Here, you have loaned your daughter’s husband money for his business and your daughter ends up missing after taking your grandchildren to school. That’s just messed up right there. As a matter of fact, it’s so messed up that it more than likely contributed to all of his lawyers deciding to kick Fotis Dulos to the curb during the same week that his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, decided to help the police out in their search for his missing wife, Jennifer Dulos.

The suburban mother of five turned up missing on May 24, 2019, after she dropped her children off at school. The police began suspecting that the husband and his lover are suspects in his wife disappearance after they saw Michelle C. Troconis sitting in a car watching Fotis Dulos take 30 bags of trash to a trash bin on the same day that Jennifer Dulos turned up missing.

With all of that coming out last week, Attorney Michael Rose went down to the court house and told the clerk that he had more than enough “good” reasons to end his lawyer-client relationship with Fotis Dulos.

The folks over at Markowitz and Mawhinney Law Firm had an even better one. They told the court clerk that one of the firm’s partners was going into retirement while the other partner had found another area of law to stroke his fancy.

Attorney John Clifford was just blunt about why he was dropping Fotis Dulos as a client. “Serious issues…make it impossible under our rules of professional conduct to continue. The attorney-client relationship has clearly broken down,” is what Robert Marchant of the Greenwich Time said that Attorney John Clifford said to the court.

It’s easy to understand why all of these lawyers kicked Fotis Dulos to the curb. His alleged actions are making him look more and more like a client who did the very thing that all lawyers tell their clients not to do; which is to not get themselves into more trouble.

Let’s just look at the position that Fotis Dulos has placed each and every one of his lawyers in. Here, Attorney Michael Rose is defending Fotis Dulos in a divorce case that’s been going on for two-years. During the second year, Jennifer Dulos turned up missing and Fotis Dulos and his lover get caught on camera with 30 bags of trash not too long after his wife turns up missing.

Anybody with a lick of sense will be like, “This one and that one have gotten themselves full body deep into number two.” The thing about lawyers is they don’t like helping anybody get out of a number two that won’t lead to them looking and smelling like a rose. And like Attorney Michael Rose, the folks over at Markowitz and Mawhinney Law Firm and Attorney John Clifford more than likely decided they were going to end their lawyer-client relationship with Fotis Dulos after his lover decided to work with the police in their search for his wife.

Those lawyers could not, in good conscience, continue advocating on behalf of a client whose wife’s mother loaned him money for his business that he is now suspected of using as a dumping ground for the evidence in the case that with each nanosecond is looking more and more like a deadly love triangle that lead to his wife being missing for more than two weeks now.

Attorney Norm Pattis, on the other hand, throws all of that good conscience stuff out the window while diving head first into the “number two.” Let Attorney Norm Pattis tell it, it’s perfectly normal for him to come out looking and smelling like a rose because of the money he gets from the cases he takes.

The “not so good attorney” more than likely doesn’t give a flying fluke that his clients may go to prison and or lose all of their money.

Pattis makes his money by defending those who the devil won’t even bargain their souls for. Norm Pattis’ job as a lawyer is giving the appearance that he’s getting his clients out of the “number twos” they have gotten themselves into.

Unfortunately for Fotis Dulos, the fact that he’s hired a lawyer who’s an expert at using his clients’ “number twos” as potpourri just to make himself, and not his clients, look and smell good is why Fotis Dulos is looking as guilty as homemade sin of killing his wife, Jennifer Dulos.

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