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Leslie Jones cursed out Twitter haters early in the morning
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 15, 2016

Leslie Jones was on the online cussing Twitter haters out early Monday morning.

During the early morning hours, some die hard Ghostbusters fans decided they would tweet how they really feel about Jones and her fellow cast members recreating the iconic roles played by the all-male cast in the original Ghostbusters movie.

Some of the male fans of the original Ghostbusters movie have been giving the all-female cast a considerable amount of push back because of their gender.

And Jones, who’s been called “bitch” so much to the point that some think it’s her name, got up and tweeted at 3:57AM in the morning and cussed out everything tweeting haterade on her twitter feed.

Jones began her cussingoutathon with, “Some people are just sick! They will say fucked up stuff then when you go to their feed they have kids. Daughters even.”

Then two minutes later, at 3:59AM, she tweeted, “What will you tell your daughter when she wants to dress like a GB (Ghostbuster) for Halloween. You gonna tell them they can’t be one? I liked to see that.”

The comedienne tweeted again at 4:01AM and told the twitter haters that their tweets were “bullshit” and the “sexist most racist” comments she’s read.

Recognizing that she was about to go all Barbara Jean on the haters, Jones decided that it would be best to take a break.

So for 19 minutes, Jones stepped away from her twitter feed and gathered herself via some meditation: “Wusaw, wusaw, wusaw. Lawd, don’t let the devil take me over. Wusaw, wusaw, wusaw.”

Once her nerves were calmed down, Jones logged back onto her twitter feed.

And at 4:20AM, she tweeted this to the twitter haters, “Matter of fact what will say to her if she came home crying about the same thing being said 2 her. People don’t think about what they put out.”

Ryan Braun tweeted a response to Jones. He told her that his child has good enough sense to know not to “ruin a beloved franchise” like the Ghostbusters.

Jones tweeted back to Ryan that he is an idiot and that she “feel sorry” that he’s daughter has him as her father. She also blocked him.

Another Twitter hater, Darin, decided to put his two cents into the conversation. He told Jones that his not liking her in the film has nothing to do with her gender or race.

As evidence of his “non-sexist” and “non-racist” views, Darin tweeted that he is “a huge fan of Jada, Jodie Foster, Sandra bullock, they can act.”

He ended by telling Jones she needed to “cut the shit” because her “shit” is “racist & racist.”

Unfortunately for Darin and the other Twitter haters, they are the type of humans who are so ignorant to the point that they will never know that their ignorance is preventing them from recognizing that Jones had her cussingoutathon because of their hate.

Jones, who recognized the depths of the Twitter haters’ ignorance, didn’t respond to Darin or any of the other twitter haters.

She did, however, press the block button and vanquished the haters from her Twitter feed for-e-ver.

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