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Two grown men dancing;
Happy is how we
Curb Your Enthusiasm
fans are feeling about Richard Lewis doing an episode of Curb
season 11
Twitter Bird Logo;
DID Twitter was
trending after it went down for 30 minutes
on Friday
AMC Theatres 'Welcome Back to the Movies';
AMC Theatres to moviegoers-Welcome
Back to the Movies

Liam Neeson;

Liam Neeson 

Liam Neeson told his stuntman that
showing his butt for him in A Million
Ways to Die in the West was a sign
of their friendship
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 26, 2020

During a sit down with Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen, Liam Neeson said that he told his stuntman Mark Vanselow that getting a daisy placed in between his “honey buns” is a sign of their friendship.

People quoted Neeson as saying to Cohen, “I said to Mark: ‘Mark, this is a sign of our friendship-Would you ever do this scene where Charlize Theron puts a daisy in your butt?’ And he said, ‘Sure.’”

A Million Ways to Die in the West Daisy in the butthole scene;

Neeson didn’t want to do the ol’ “Daisy in the Doughnut Hole” scene because he’s shy about his two “moon pies.” “I hate my Irish butt,” is what Neeson told Cohen.

The one thing I don’t want y’all doing is thinking that everybody who is Irish has a flat butt just because Neeson has a flat butt. Irish butts are like all other butts out there that belong to human beings.

Some Irish butts are flat like a pancake. Some have a pear shape, while others are “apple bottoms.”

Whatever the case may be with your butt, just remember there’s nothing that says friendship like getting a daisy placed in between your “cakes” for your friend.


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