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Todd Gouwenberg Langley Sportsplex shooting victim United Nations gang member;
Todd Gouwenberg is
the Langley Sportsplex shooting victim who
has nearly 20 years
of gang involvement
Crime Scene of Harb Dhaliwal's shooting in Coal Harbour;
Francois Gauthier has been charged with first degree murder
in the death of Brothers Keepers gangster Harb Dhaliwal
United Nations gang member shooting Langley Sportsplex;
United Nations gang member killed less
than a week after
killing of rival
Brothers Keepers
gangster Harb
Dhaliwal in
Coal Harbour

Liliana Carrillo;

Liliana Carrillo

Liliana Carrillo says she drowned
her three children believes the
father is into human trafficking
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 16, 2021

Liliana Carrillo has decided the best way to extend her five minutes of fame is by sitting down with 17 News’ Eytan Wallace and insinuating that she killed her three children (6-month old Sierra, 2-year-old Terry, and 3-year-old Joanna) in order to protect them from daddy, Erik Denton, who she says is into human trafficking daddy.

“I drowned them. I did it as softly…I don’t know how to explain it. I hugged them. I kissed them. I was apologizing the whole time. I loved my kids.” is what the abc 7 news folks quoted her as saying in a jailhouse interview with 17 News’ Eytan Wallace.

Notice how she said, “I loved my kids.” That doesn’t help her. “Loved” is in the past tense, and not the present tense which means that crazy chickadee is trying to play on everybody’s heart strings by selling herself as the distraught mother who was just protecting her kids from a crazy ex who so happens to be the children’s father.

All of that, though, isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans because she is, after all, the one who killed their three children. It also doesn’t help Liliana Carrillo that Erik Denton showed up in a courtroom, back on March 1, 2021, asking the judge to give him “full custody” of their three children due to his fear of what their mama would do to them.

Sadly, Erik Denton’s fear came true after he received a call that his three children were dead and Liliana Carrillo had flown the coop. The police ended up finding her after she allegedly carjacked somebody in Kern County.

Now folks, I don’t know about y’all, but if a person kills her children and then carjacks somebody, that there is a sign the individual knows what she is doing.

Folks who are suffering from a psychological ailment don’t have a state of mind that will lead to them carjacking after killing somebody. Those folks tend to breakdown completely.

Liliana Carrillo, unh-unh. Not only did she take her hands and hold her three children, one by one by one, under the water until the life exited their little bodies, but she turned around, got in a car, and then carjacked a person in another county over.

I don’t know about y’all, but that alleged carjacking says to me that she is as guilty as a killer with three severed heads in a duffle bag.


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