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Madonna wished her father and herself a
happy Father's Day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 20, 2017

Madonna took to Twitter to wish her father and herself a happy Father’s Day.

The songstress tweeted, “Happy Father’s Day to the O.G. That gave me life! Love you forever.”

Soon after that tweet, Madonna decided to tweet to her 1.6 million followers about how she has had to take the role of mama and daddy.

Madonna tweeted, “And Happy Father’s Day to me too because lets face it, Im the Mommy and the Daddy. I don’t care what the papers say.”

Sometimes, the “papers” do imply that Madonna’s children’s nannies and mannies are playing the role of their mama and daddy. However, Madonna is right.

The “papers” may very well be wrong about who’s doing mama and daddy duties in Madonna’s household.

After all, the “papers” are not the flies on the wall seeing everything going on in her home.

Hell, the “papers” aren’t even being used to swat the flies in folks’ homes now-a-days because there are very few “papers” in folks homes and I’m sure the same applies to Madonna there.

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