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Maggie Haberman told a Trump supporter that fake news doesn't make it onto NY Times' pages
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 24, 2017

New York Times Maggie Haberman told a Trump supporter, Bill Mitchell, not to waist his time trying to leak “fake news” to her because it won’t make it into the news.

Haberman tweeted to Mitchell, “The Trump administration has tried this a few times, sir. We actually vet these things.”

Mitchell had the bright idea of tweeting to his fellow Trump supporters that if they discredit the New York Times and Washington Post by getting the news publications to print “crazy leaks,” then they could stop the New York Times and Washington Post from publishing stories that paint Trump in a negative light.

And as some of y’all know, the New York Times and Washington Post has had a breaking news story about Donald Trump and his buddies the Russians everyday.

The Washington Post published the article about Trump snitching to the Russians about the name of an Israeli spy, while the New York Times told everybody about how Trump’s firing of the “real nut job,” former FBI Director James Comey, lifted the weight of the Russian Investigation off of Trump’s shoulders.

Now, if somebody is a Trump supporter like Ol’ Mitchell there, hearing these not so positive things about their glorious leader will make them mad too.

To these folks, Trump is the best thing since Denny’s two for two special. Hearing that Trump is not special but spatial, is bad for the minds of folks like ol’ Mitchell there. Check out Haberman’s tweet below.

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