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Meghan McCain The View;

Meghan McCain The View Screenshot YouTube 

Meghan McCain is right about how
good P.F. CHANG'S food is
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 28, 2018

That gal Meghan McCain is right about one thing. That P.F. CHANG’S food is good!

Meghan McCain was sitting around the table with the women folks on The View when she told them about how reeeaaalll good food is also the way to a woman’s heart and getting her to quickly say I do.

Oh yeah, she also said that it was her fear of the world she would end up living in if then Republican Presidential Nominee Donald “Donald PP John” Trump became president that got her to thinking about saying I do to her future baby daddy, Ben Domenech.

“At the Republican National Convention when he accepted the nomination, I cried and cried to him (Ben Domenech) in an SUV back to our hotel room, and he got me P.F.CHANG’S and I thought, maybe I can marry this guy.” Mm-hmm, that’s what ol’ girl Meghan McCain said to the women folks around The View’s table.

Trump got her to thinking about marriage, but it was that P.F.CHANG’S food that sealed it for her at the end of the day.

She was like:

     “Oh, this Kung Pao chicken is so good. The sweet 'n' sour just
      taste sooo sweet. I love you Ben. Hey, do you have any Ben and
      Jerry’s ice cream? You know, that Chunky Monkey. That’ll
      really do it for me.”

I myself prefer the lobster and shrimp noodles with the lobster sauce. I know it's lobster and shrimp fried rice. But, the folks over at P.F.CHANG’S let me replace the rice with the noodles and add the lobster sauce.

It costs a little more. But hey, it ain’t that much. It’s just a couple of dollars more for some reeeaaalll good food!

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