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Megyn Kelly had a 9 to 5 moment
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 13, 2017

Megyn Kelly had herself a 9 to 5 moment last week. A 9 to 5 moment is a moment blue collar and middle class folks tend to have whenever they get tired of their jobs.

Whenever blue collar and middle class folks get tired of their jobs, they tend to do five things.

The five things they tend to do are to look for another job, keep secret that they’re looking for another job, not give their bosses a two week notice, throw shade at everybody during the week they are leaving, and leave on the last work day of the week.

Megyn Kelly did all of these things. Last year, she looked for another job and found one with NBC.

Kelly didn’t tell her bosses at Fox News that she was leaving until the week that she left.

In fact, Kelly’s exit was so unexpected that, according to the New York Times, on the same day that Kelly told everyone she was headed over to NBC Fox News ran a “full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal” that featured a picture of Kelly.

So yeah, Kelly didn’t give her Fox News’ bosses a two week notice. She did, however, give them a three day notice which came on the same day that the network ran an ad with her face on it.

On the day that she announced she was leaving, Kelly took the time to throw shade at all of her haters.

During her farewell speech last Tuesday, Kelly sarcastically told her haters that she will miss how they “complain on Twitter about our coverage after a show or a presidential debate.”

Here, she’s talking about those Trumpers who started harassing her after Donald Trump said she was “bleeding out of her whatever.”

Kelly wrote in her book that the hate for her was so bad that she had to hire private security guards in order to protect her from those Trumpers who believed she was “bleeding out of her whatever.”

The weight of the election took a toll on Kelly. According to author and un-official Roger Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman, Kelly couldn’t take the “hardball politics” that came along with Trump.

So in 2015, she began contemplating her final exit from Fox News. And for Kelly, her final exit from Fox News came on the last work day during the week.

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