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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
Indications are that
North Korea is giving
fake news to reporters
and intelligence agents
on purpose
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi;
Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they can't impeach Donald Trump without the help of the Senate Republicans
Robert Mueller Donald Trump;
Robert Mueller makes it clear that Donald Trump isn't being charged with a crime because he's the president

Michael Avenatti;

Richard Dole (photography) Michael Avenatti (copyright holder) CC BY-SA 2.5

Michael Avenatti will be postiing
interesting news on Instagram
this morning
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 11, 2018

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Micheal Avenatti, was up late last night on the Twitter telling folks to look at his Instagram page because he has some news y’all may be able to use about ol’ Donald Trump there.

Here’s Avenatti’s Tweet:

Now, the funny thing about all of this is it is coming while Donald John is trying to get his photo-opt in with Big Baby Kim Jong-un.

Y’all know I’m telling the truth. That photo-opt sums it up about what that summit is really about.

Donald John and Big Baby Kim just want to look like they are doing something.

Everybody knows that Big Baby Kim isn’t giving up his “Dollar Store” nukes and Donald John has a history of pulling out of every deal he has made to the chagrin of his partners.

So, that ain’t going anywhere. However, the Stormy Daniels story is like the Energizer Bunny because it keeps going and going and going.

And Avenatti wants to make sure it goes on longer than Donald John will like.

So y’all head on over to Avenatti’s Instagram page to see what he’s talking about.

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