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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
Indications are that
North Korea is giving
fake news to reporters
and intelligence agents
on purpose
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi;
Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they can't impeach Donald Trump without the help of the Senate Republicans
Robert Mueller Donald Trump;
Robert Mueller makes it clear that Donald Trump isn't being charged with a crime because he's the president

Donald Trump walking away from the microphone;

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Michael Cohen claims AMI CEO David
Pecker paid a woman $15,000 to stop
taling about Trump's love child who
does not exist
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 28, 2019

How many of y’all heard Michael Cohen when he said that American Media Incorporated (AMI) CEO David Pecker paid $15,000 to get rid of a story about Donald Trump’s love child who doesn’t exist?

Welp, he said it. And Cohen said it because the distinguish lady from California, Jackie Speier, asked him about it. Here’s how it all went down.

    Speier asked Cohen, “Is there a love child?

    Cohen responded, “There is not to the best of my knowledge.”

    Speier followed that up with, “So you would pay off someone to
    not report?”

    “It wasn’t me, ma’am. It was AMI. It was David Pecker,” said

     Speier then asked, “So he paid off someone about a lovechild that
     doesn’t exist?”

    “Correct. It was about $15,000,” said Cohen.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m not going to throw good money at bad. And paying $15,000 to get rid of a lie is throwing good money at bad.

That is, unless, there is something there. The something there being that Donald Trump didn’t want it to get out that he had “slept” with another woman and “produce” an offspring.

Although Michael Cohen is denying Donald Trump produced another offspring, I noticed he didn’t deny that Donald Trump slept with the offspring’s mama.

And y’all know Donald Trump. He has some strong genes. All of those children he produced with Ivana Trump, Marla Maples, and Melania Trump have his trademark squinty eyes and his blow doll mouth.
They look like he just stood up and spit them out.

All a person has to do to see if any child is Donald J. Trump Sr.’s offspring is just look at him or her. Those genes don’t lie.

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