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Michael Cohen had the worse week ever
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 16, 2018

Michael Cohen (Mikey Boy) easily wins the award for the man with the worse week ever.

Cohen’s bad news week began after the word got out that he fired his law firm.

Folks on the on-line and the cable news stations say that Cohen got rid of the law firm because they had different opinions about the best strategy to use in order to ensure that Mikey Boy there doesn’t go to the pokey.

The other Mike, Michael Avenatti (M. Ave) that is, had a different view than the folks who aren’t in the law profession about what really led to Mikey Boy saying good riddance to his lawyers.

M. Ave went on the Twitter and tweeted that the real problem was the law firm’s high ass fees.

If any of y’all have dealt with a lawyer, y’all know that M. Ave is telling the truth.

Lawyers like to charge you for them saying hello to you. They be like, “My fee for just speaking to you cost $300.”

So y’all know the big time law firms, like the one Mikey Boy retained, are pricey.

But y’all see, that’s the problem. Ol’ Mikey Boy there was rolling with the sky high rollers and he began to think he had their money.

Mikey Boy should’ve known that any law firm charging more in a week than what he paid to hush Stormy Daniels’ mouth is a law firm he could not afford.

Plus, the fact that Mikey Boy had to mortgage his own house in order to get the $130,000 to hush Stormy’s mouth should have been enough of a big ass sign to him that he doesn’t have the sky high rollers’ money that would enable him to pay the $350,000 to $500,000 every week to a fortune 500 law firm that can’t do what only the good Lawd can do; which is to keep him out of the pokey.

Y’all know it! We all know it! Mikey Boy is going to prison! That’s why he motion for the court to hush ol’ M. Ave’s mouth. M. Ave is on CNN five days a week talking up a storm about Donald Trump (Donald John) and them.

Turn on CNN and there is M. Ave talking about something new that he has found out about Mikey Boy and Donald John and them.

M. Ave even went on the Twitter this week telling folks to look at his Instagram account for some heat he’s about to release on Mikey Boy.

Mikey Boy saw all of that and asked the judge to shut that mouth of M. Ave’s. But the judge was like, “I don’t wanna hear that shit right now.” So, she denied that motion.

Folks who know Mikey Boy said all of that, firing the law firm and asking a judge to hush M. Ave’s mouth, was Mikey Boy sending “up smoke signals” to Donald John to help him out.

However, Donald John has put on his gas mask and is running the other direction.

Donald John be like, “My ass is already on the fire. I don’t need to add your hot bed of coals to my pile just so I can turn up the heat on my ass. No sir.”

Poor ol’ Mikey Boy there, he doesn’t know what to do. I hear tell he’s now looking for a lawyer who use to work as an attorney in the Southern District of New York; which is also the federal district in New York where he’s being prosecuted.

Mikey Boy, though, better hurry up because Robert Mueller done turn the heat up on ol’ boy Paul Manafort (Ride or Die Paul) there.

Ride or Die Paul got thrown in the Pokey on Friday afternoon for violating his probation.

Ride or Die Paul has been accused of “intimidating” witnesses. This just translates into Ride or Die Paul either threatening to whup somebody’s ass or threatening to put somebody’s ass into a forever deep sleep.

One thing’s fo’ sho’ though, the feds are using this as a way to squeeze somebody.

And the only question is who is going to be the first somebody the government squeezes, Mikey Boy or Ride or Die Paul?

With the way Ride or Die Paul has been, I doubt very seriously he’ll be the first one who will tell.

That’ll be ol’ Mikey Boy there. Firing his lawyers, asking the judge to shut M. Ave’s mouth, and then the fact that he took the fifth last month are all signs of a man who will tell on somebody so he doesn’t have to go to prison to be Big Bob’s ”somebody.”

The word should be out by Monday that Mikey Boy is about to let it all out.

I can see it right now on CNN, “Hi this is Wolf Blitzer and we have some breaking news for you. Our Legal Correspondent Laura Jarret is here. What do you have for us Laura? ‘We have word that Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, has decided to fully cooperate with federal investigators in exchange for a year of probation and a $1 million fine.’ Fascinating stuff.” And “fascinating stuff” it will be.

M. Ave will begin his five day week on CNN talking about how he was the first to say that ol’ Mikey Boy there would take a deal in the end, and Donald John will begin his week on the Twitter cussing out folks from sun up to sun down.

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