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Milo Yiannopoulos gets his high from making you flip out
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 16, 2017  Updated-March 19, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher confirmed one thing: He gets his high from making folks flip out. Yiannopoulos is known for being a social media shit starter.

From his cracks on gay folks to his dissing of the feminist folks, Yiannopoulos’ shit starting has gotten him kicked off of the Twitter and him branded with the Scarlett Letter A, Asshole.

Maher, who told Yiannopoulos that he heard about him a year ago, decided that he would test Yiannopoulos in order to see just how crazy he is.

So Maher asked him if it is true that he doesn’t hire gay people. Yiannopoulos sarcastically responded, “Oh no, you can’t trust them to show up to work on time. Too much drugs, too much sex, they never show up to work, always making excuses. No, no, no. I mean not as bad as women, but no I don’t hire gays.”

Yiannopoulos shocked Maher so with his response that he knocked coherent sentences out of his mouth. All Maher could do was say "but the, I mean, just." Recognizing that Maher and the crowd failed to catch on to his sarcasm, Yiannopoulos decided to just tell them, “Just kidding. You’re easy. You’re very easy, very easily triggered. It’s pathetic.”

After recognizing that this young fella before him was nothing but a shit starter who got his high from seeing people flip out, Maher asked him if his craziness is “helped, by the fact that liberals just always take the bait?”

And Milo, being the honest fella that he is, just simply said, “Of course, of course.”

At this point, Maher let little Milo know that they do have one thing in common: They are both banned from the University of California-Berkley. But not to be two snaps, finger waving, gums popping, mm-hmm out done by anybody, little Milo there let Maher know that he is hated so much more “dramatically” than he ever could be.

Milo said to Maher, “-I mean they just, they just disinvited you. I had riots. People got, people got beaten up, it was horrendous;” in which Maher responded, “Okay, you win babe.”

And yes, “babe” did win because he is making money off of the far left and the far right flipping out over shit he himself doesn’t believe.

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