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NY Times reporter couldn't stop smiling about
the info he got from a White House lawyer
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 20, 2017

New York Times Reporter Kenneth Vogel was just so tickled about how oblivious White House Lawyer Ty Cobb was to his presence at BLT Steakhouse that he couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he told CNN’s Erin Burnett about how easy it was to get the low down on the Trump Administration’s handling of the Russia probe.

Vogel chuckled and told Burnett, “I definitely was not looking at them. I was trying to keep my head buried into my phone, which I was taken notes. But from their perspective, perhaps I was just surfing the internet as everyone is want to do, these days. And the photo I kind of tilted the camera and tried to touch the button and triggered it inconspicuously.”

Vogel told Burnett that Cobb was so nonchalant about being in the public and snitching about the goings on in the White House that he never knew Vogel was seated not far from him, listening in on everything he had to say.

“Yeah, they showed no awareness. If they did have any kind of suspicion that I was sitting there doing anything other than surfing my phone, they certainly didn’t adjust their behavior accordingly,” Vogel said to Burnett.

Mind you, it is shameful and funny that somebody like Cobb would be sitting in the open, in the public telling on himself and the White House while a reporter, whose job it is to tell everybody’s business, is seated just inches away from him.

This is stuff folks read on TMZ about stars who don’t know they should keep their mouth shut about all of their business! Folks don’t read this type of stuff on the New York Times’ or the Washington Post’s websites about White House lawyers.

Unlike several Hollywood folks, White House lawyers have sense enough to know that they shouldn’t be out in the public telling all that they know.

Just stop and ask yourself, “When was the last time a White House lawyer snitched about all the goings on in the White House?”

Can’t think of a time, can you? I know you can’t because you don’t hear about it. The risks are too high. The White House lawyer would not only lose his job, but he’d have a hard time finding another job.

Cobb’s behavior is so out of the norm for a White House lawyer that Burnett, like Vogel, couldn’t stop herself from laughing at how stupid some of the folks in the Trump White House are.

Now, I must say, she did try by putting her head down, but that didn’t work. As soon as she raised her head, her cheek bones begin to rise and her mouth widen into a smile.

Recognizing that she had been caught, Burnett quickly pressed her lips together and placed her head back down.

However, those rosy red cheek bones kept giving her away. “They’re sitting there, right, talking about internal disagreements and fights over what to do over the Russia investigation, names are being thrown around, right, I mean all of it,” Burnett said.

Vogel agreed that Cobb gave out more information in the public than what Cobb would have most likely given Vogel in private.

“Yeah, I mean the most interesting take away for me, other than the tension which is maybe linked to the disagreement over the legal strategy, but it was the degree to which they really laid out the debate that they were having over document production and executive privilege and the degree to which they might be sort of at odds,” Vogel said to Burnett.

It is quite “interesting” that Cobb would divulge so much information, out in the open, for everybody to hear. But then again, Cobb is a member of the Trump White House and Donald Trump is Hollywood made.

Trump is the New York billionaire who was over the Miss Universe Pageant and who hosted the Celebrity Apprentice.

It’s just now, he has a new reality show called the “Trump White House.”

And as is evidence from Cobb’s tell all over at the BLT steakhouse, some folks over at the Trump White House have a tendency to snitch on themselves; which is laughable in and of itself.

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