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SNL Grandma Miriam Lewis played by Heidi Gardner;

SNL Grandma Miriam Lewis played by Heidi Gardner

Nana Mimi told her secrets during
her funeral
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 29, 2021

Nana Miriam (Mimi) Lewis (Heidi Gardner) told her secrets during her funeral.

"Miriam wanted every detail of this funeral to reflect her spirit starting with her all-time favorite song as sung by her all-time favorite performer. Please welcome, bus in, not direct, from the Loose Nugget Casino legendary Atlantic City headliner Levar B. Burton," said the priest (Owen Wilson).

Levar B. Burton (Kenan Thompson) told the attending mourners of family and friends that from her front row seat Nana Mimi would always yell to him, “Sing my song!” And sing her song, he did: “I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. I spread my wings and fly away.” He didn’t get too far in the song.

    "Stop, stop, this song is by R. Kelly," said Cecily Strong.

    "We were already sad and then you made us listen to R. Kelly,"
     said Aidy Bryant.

One can understand how listening to an R. Kelly song during your “blessed and highly favored” nana’s funeral could send your blood pressure sky high. It’s just not the good Christian image that a person has of his or her dear ol’ nana. And Nana Mimi was a good Catholic woman who went to Mass every Sunday. She kneeled down before the altar and took in the body of Christ and the blood of Jesus. And no person who washes down the body of Christ with the blood of Jesus could love a song sung by such a “hu-man” like R. Kelly.

R. Kelly loves golden showers. He’s the Hershey stains, drip, drip, drip man. So there was no way, no way in the devil’s kingdom that a good Catholic woman, like Nana Mimi, could listen to any song sung by “the Hershey stains, drip, drip, drip man.”

The Nana Mimi they knew loved Tony Bennett’s “I got the world on a string,” not R. Kelly’s “Ignition Remix.” So, there had to be some mix up because as the priest said, “Miriam was a devoted mother, a loving grandmother, a devout church goer, and most of all just a free spirit,” and anybody with as pure as gold a Christian soul as Nana Mimi wouldn’t have anything to do with a person who has a guaranteed one-way ticket to hell.

Having said that, Nana Mimi was shown on the Samsung HD TV screen hanging out with her friends Louis C.K., Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, and Bill Cosby.

Nana's family and friends, however, can’t wrap their minds around why Nana Mimi would befriend such a rag tag group of “humans," but we understand why.

Nana Mimi is a Catholic. And everybody knows that a lot of those Catholics love little boys and girls in a way that Jesus told them not to.

Therefore, considering the fact that Nana Mimi is a good Catholic woman who “washes down the body of Christ with the blood of Jesus,” what the family and friends see as abnormal behavior for Nana Mimi is really quite normal.


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