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Under the Radar
Human Compost Worm Food;
This picture of
human compost
reminds folks they'll become worm food
Black Bear;
Why do humans like feeding bears?!
Shaking My Head;
This is the only response you need
to give to this
week's news

Brett Kavanaugh Red Eyes;

Breet Kavanaugh Thomist~Commonswiki's photo                               

National Drink Beer Day is
Brett Kavanaugh's favorite day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 28, 2018

The poem is satire! Enjoy!

Brett Kavanaugh sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee telling them that it is perfectly normal for him to drink beer and that he only got drunk up to the limit; which usually left him knocked out on a couch. Here's a poem he once wrote about his love for beer. Enjoy!

I like beer.
I drink beer.
Beer, beer, beer.
Where's my beer?
You got some beer?
Give it here.
I like beer.
Beer, beer, beer.
Did you hear, I don't wear any underwear?
It's true.
I like to boof.
How about you?
How you doing?
I'm single.
You wanna mingle?
Uhh, no means yes.
Yes means no.
I fucked a ghost in the grocery store.
Oh, I like beer.
I drink beer.
Beer, beer, beer.
I'm a gentleman scholar who makes all the girls holler.
Hey, lets go to the strip club and buy some love!
All you need is a dollar and you don't even have to wear a glove.
I'm a Delta Kappa Epsilon, another word for a con.
When the girls see me, they all run.
All I wanna do is have a little fun.
Skeet, skeet, skeet, is what I do.
Show 'em my mushroom toadie
And have 'em screaming, "Oh Lordy!"
I like beer.
I drink beer.
Beer, beer, beer.
I'ma little devil who plays in the "devil's triangle."
Ow, something's in my anal!
I like beer.
I drink beer.
Beer, beer, beer.

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