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National Republican Senatorial Committee has thrown in the towel in Michigan
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 29, 2014

The National Republicans have officially thrown the dirt over Terri Lynn Land’s political coffin, and ended any chances of her possibly getting the support she needs to beat Democratic Rep. Gary Peters in the U.S. Senate race.

The Detroit News reported that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has cut off its life line of $850,000 in TV ads that the committee was using in order to help give Land the extra oomp that she needed in order to beat Peters.

Earlier polls gave Land a reason to keep hope alive. She is a Republican who was beating a Democrat for a congressional seat that has been held by Democratic Sen. Carl Levin, who is retiring this year, for over 30 years.

But as the mid-terms edge closer, the polls begin to turn in Peters’ favor. According to the latest polls, Peters is leading Land by 14 percentage points.

Peters has 52% to Land’s 38%. It is a stark contrast from February of this year when Land was defeating Peters 41% to 38%.

During that time, Land was riding on the anti-Obama care sentiment and Peters’ support for the policy. But that soon changed as voters begin to learn more about Land and her support for the Koch brothers, who have become synonymous with big money politics.

Signs of things turning for the worse for Land began to show in May. Based on an EPIC-MRA poll, Peters jumped to 44% and Land moved down to 38%.

The election is only a couple of weeks away. And Republicans are taking their money to states like Alaska, South Dakota, and Colorado where the Democratic incumbents are in tight races with their Republican opponents.

Politico reported that the NRSC has bought ads totaling $1 million in South Dakota, $1 million in ads in Alaska, and $1.5 million in ads in Colorado.

These states along with Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina are considered the six states the Republicans have a good chance of winning if they want to take control of the Senate.

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