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 News Archive 2014

Trey Gowdy has been reappointed to lead the Benghazi Select Committee

Two people have turned down the Secretary of Defense job

UAE Foreign Minister says the Western leaders know little about the Middle East

HHS used dental plans to increase the Obamacare enrollment numbers

President Obama says there's one scenario that'll definitely lead to ground troops in Iraq

The Senate will vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline bill next year

Benjamin Netanyahu tells the United States-Do not be fool by Iran's ruse

President Obama says ISIS' brutality represents no faith

The White House announced Tony Blinken's nomination for Deputy Secretary of State

The unemployment rate drops down to 5.8%

Five states increase the minimum wage

The CDC gets the highest positive rating in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll

Canada suspends visas for non-citizens coming from Ebola infected regions in West Africa

32 states allow same-sex marriage

Nigeria is cleared of the Ebola virus

To Hell in a hand basket is where Fox News poll respondents say the world is going

Canadian shooter was estranged from his parents

Foreign born Africans are leading the way in educational achievement

A Detroit priest used stolen money to pay for his inmate boyfriend's bills

McDonald's customers will be able to use the new iPhone or Apple watch to buy a meal

North Carolina officials learn that money can't buy you everything

President Obama hints at striking ISIS inside of Syria

Michigan increased its mimimum wage

Amnesty International confirms that ISIS has been killing Iraq minorities

CDC head warns of the window of opportunity closing to stop the rapid spread of the Ebola virus

An Atlanta police officer is arrested for the murder of a woman he met on Backpage

Israel and Palestine agree to a new 72-hour cease fire

P.F. Chang says the security breach is under control

$60 million is how much the Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act will cost

Michigan won't be filing a lawsuit against 5 hour Energy

The U.S. Treausry Department takes to its Q and A page to answer questions about the Russian sanctions and the AK-47

Kurdish Security Forces say the U.S. airstrikes helped them to rescue the Yazidis from the Sinjar Mountain

Over 900 people have died from the Ebola virus

Strippers say that they have a right to equal pay

The director of the National Counterterrorism Center has resigned

North Carolina allows its residents to have limited use of medical marijuana

A Texas jury found a man not guilty of shooting at the police

Mike Boyer's employers are denying that he is fired

A young man gets himself killed while trying to rob a man in a wheelchair

ISIS tweets out the hashtag calamitywillbefalltheUS

Unemployment rate drops to 6.1 percent

Gov. Deval Patrick signs Massachusetts' minimum wage bill

The CDC is holding to its promise to discipline those responsible for the anthrax contamination

Massachusetts is on its way to having one of the highest minimum wages in the country

President Obama didn't completely rule out sending American troops back to Iraq

Corporal William "Kyle" Carpenter received the Medal of Honor

A police chief in a small Georgia town resigns after texting racially profane comments to fellow officers

A Florida man who threatened President Obama lost his appeal

President Obama issues a national disaster declaration order for parts of Nebraska

One of the Benghazi suspects is captured

President Obama orders 275 troops to Iraq

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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be flown to the U.S.

President Obama signed an Executive Order that lowers the student loan payments

Unemployment rate remains the same

Donald Sterling says he's going forward with his lawsuit against the NBA

Jay Carney resigns as the White House press secretary

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns

The CDC says an Illinois man does not have the MERS virus

Two healthcare workers in Florida tested negative for the MERS virus

Michael Sam gets a show on OWN

The CDC has confirmed a second case of the MERS virus

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctions the Syrian government and a Russian bank

Louisiana's state House takes up the Wine Ice Cream bill

Cargo Homes-A new definition of living space

President Obama praises the states while criticizing Republicans in Congress for not raising the minimum wage

Unemployment rate drops to 6.3%

A University of Tennessee student shot at a campus bus with a BB gun

The U.S. has its first confirmed case of MERS-CoV

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says Donald Sterling refused to provide health care insurance for a coach who had cancer

Churches in Portland, Oregon delieved baked goods to a local strip club

Detroit teen is charged with a hate crime after mob beating of a Detroit motorist

Tax day is here, but there's some good news

A small group of GOP House members urge Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor to consider the UI bill

Crimea will have elections next year

G-8, Suspended

The House passes a bipartsian resolution condemning the violence in Ukraine

NATO's secretary general says that he is willing to allow Ukraine into NATO

Judge denies Joaquin Guzman‘s injunction against a possible U.S. extradition request

Jeb Bush says that he and Hillary Clinton will face challenges due to their last names

Mexican drug kingpin files an injunction in order to stop his extradition to the United States

President Obama signs into law the debt-ceiling limit extension and the military benefits bills

Senate fails to pass the unemployment benefits extension bill

Report shows that Gov. Chris Christie didn't take a helicopter flight over the George Washington Bridge during the four day lanes' closure

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration has stopped the enforcement on the emergency rule governing abortion facilities and licensing standards and practices

The chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill admits the university’s role in the athletes’ grade scandal

Gov. Chris Christie denies sending the memo about David Wildstein

Former federal prosecutor will help with the investigation into the George Washington Bridge case

Bi-partisan bill to extend unemployment benefits fails procedural votes in the Senate

Senate votes to move unemployment benefits extension bill forward to the Senate floor for discussion

President Obama urges Congress to extend the unemployment benefits for three months

Paul Ryan is “hopeful” tax reform will be done next year

Over 700 domain names seized during Cyber Monday

New Jersey State Assembly sends out 20 subpoenas in the George Washington Bridge investigation

U.S. ambassador to Israel says the Iran nuclear deal will not be used in order to get Israel to agree to peace talks with Palestine

Michigan residents unemployment debit cards were illegally accessed

Ally agrees to pay $98 million to settle discrimination lawsuit