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 News Archive 2015

Journalism 101-Just Google It

The Democratic Presidential debate numbers continue to fall

President Obama is not willing to choose between ISIS and Assad

A New Jersey woman wasn't too drunk to divert the police away from her crime

President Obama talks about the possibility of occupying Syria and Iraq

The top five funniest excuses workers use to get out of work

Male strippers' dance moves were a little too much for Idaho's liquor agency

Hillary Clinton hinted that playing the Game Boy helped her to cope with her father's death

Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman is the drug lord Houdini

Over 25 million people have been affected by the cyberattacks on OPM

Six Nigerians were extradited from South Africa to face fraud charges in Mississippi

People like jumping in the Bayou with the alligators

Detroit woman says she would kill her children again if she could

Dead people don't like for you to steal their ride

China says it wants to tackle the cybersecurity problem

The Florida gator sure does like people

President Obama said Beau Biden had a "mighty heart" and "broad shoulders"

The Biden Family announced the passing of Beau Biden on Saturday

A bicycle accident grounds Secretary of State John Kerry

Pizza Hut is changing its ingredients

No drones mean no drones

OH Gov. John Kasich agrees with John McCain about the CIA drone program

Drinking and thinking do not go together

Suicides are now one of the top ten leading causes of death

Not unusual for the public to say they're not "Better Off"

MI legislature introduced a bill that requires check-ups on home school children

Pero Antic-Wrong place at the wrong time

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