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 News Archive 2016

The NSA should thank the FBI for making them look good

It looks like that Hatchimal toy is not worth the money

Southwest had Bill Murray while Delta had a despicable human being

Fake news writer says it's the readers' fault they believe his stories

The Move the Halloween to Saturday petition didn't get enough signatures

Has anyone else noticed that Pepe the Frog's name is Pepe

Condolences come in from around the world for former Israeli President Shimon Peres

Ahmad Rahami faces a possible life sentence for the NY and NJ bombings

Ahmad Rahami accused his neighbor of conspiring with the police

Greta Van Susteren-I left fox-I was not let go

Tim Duncan's former investment adviser has been charged with two counts of fraud

Greta Van Susteren-Fox has not felt like home to me for a few years

Fox News settles lawsuit with Gretchen Carlson and two other women

Ryan Lochte and his buddies allegedly vandalized a gas station

Michael Phelps is done with swimming

Ryan Lochte confirmed that he was robbed

The parents of two Benghazi victims filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

Secret Service official denies agency spoke with Donald Trump

Delta offers passengers their money back after worldwide outage

A beauty queen can't pose naked but she can use racial slurs

FOX News' ol' timers aren't going anywhere

North Miami Police Department is getting an earful on its Facebook page

Baton Rouge police officers killed less than a week after "credible threat" warning issued

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