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 News Archive 2017

It's as cold as Hades outside

The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have reached $643 million

Last Week's News Was Mostly Bad

It's Christmas!!!!!

Report-White House officials admit Donald Trump has hurt any chances of brokering peace between Israel and Palestine

The Russians have to pay back the money the IOC used to investigate the doping scandal

Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying
to the FBI

James Comey tweeted out a Bible verse from the Old Testament in response to Michael Flynn's guilty plea

The proper way to behave on Twitter

Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's wedding month and location have been set

A McDonald's worker in Detroit has hepatitis A

Leeann Tweeden says Al Franken drew a picture of her as the devil

UCLA players would've been caned if they had stolen anything in Singapore

Congress has paid $15 million to settle sexual harassment and discrimination claims

There's only one word you need to explain social media

Twitter users want an edit button

Devin Patrick Kelley escaped a mental institution and was questioned in a sexual assault case

Daylight Savings Time is today

Barack Obama tweets a reminder to folks to enroll in Obamacare

Congressman Ted Lieu offers to buy Pizza Hut pizza for Twitter employee who took Trump off Twitter

Prince Harry and Michelle Obama surprised students at a Chicago school on Halloween

Sayfullo Saipov is the terrorist suspect who killed 8 people and injured several others in NYC

Nikki Haley recognizes that Russia is a problem in Syria

The White House doesn't have recordings of Donald Trump's conversation with Sergeant Johnson's widow

World Teachers Day is a day teachers ask themselves why they became teachers in the first place

Mean Girls Day is sooooo fetch!!!

It's National Boyfriend Day!!!

Several folks in Donald Trump's crew lawyered up after Don Jr.'s testimony last week

A Florida sheriff had to warn residents about the dangers of shooting at Hurricane Irma

Earlier report suggest James Comey asked DOJ to investigate Donald Trump's wiretapping claims

Following the backlash, Joel Osteen opens his church doors to those stranded by Hurricane Harvey

North Korea fires several missiles, ignoring Donald Trump's "fire" and "fury" warning

The Secret Service is about to go broke trying to protect Donald
Trump and his family

Today is the day to see the solar eclipse!!!

Barcelona attack was part of a bigger plan to carry out more attacks

Finland knife attacker has been arrested

Update-13 people dead and more than 100 people injured in Barcelona attacks

The House Homeland Security Committee will have a domestic terrorism hearing on September 12

The state of Kansas Supreme Court chief justice was called for jury duty

George Will says the English language is not Donald Trump's
best friend

Donald Trump doesn't take the nuclear option off the table

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Donald Trump tells Kim Jong-un he'll respond with fire, fury, and power

Donald Trump has more vacation time than Barack Obama had during this time in his presidency

Kellyanne Conway says folks are looking for collusions and conclusions that don't exist

Stephen Miller says the new immigration bill won't affect those working at Donald Trump's businesses

Julian Assange asked if Robert Mueller is a dirty cop

WaPo report says Donald Trump told Don Junior to say Russian meeting was about adoptions

Sarah Huckabee Sanders won't say whether North Korea is the US' enemy

John Kelly threaten to resign after James Comey was fired

Anthony Scaramucci is gone

Chris Christie held on to his nachos while he argued with a Cubs fan

Greta Van Susteren tweeted that she was "surprised" MSNBC let her go

Plain and Simple-The Supreme Court's opinion on the travel ban

Folks don't like the new Twitter

Donald Trump didn't tell his team about Chris Wray's nomination

Sean Spicer confirms that Donald Trump's tweets are official statements

The Justice Department is frustrated with Donald Trump

CNN has given Kathy Griffin the boot

Don Lemon to Paris Dennard-I can't believe you believe the words that are coming out of your mouth

British PM Theresa May-Our values, our country, and our way of life will always prevail

Maggie Haberman told a Trump supporter that fake news doesn't make it onto NY Times' pages

CNN's Brian Stelter let folks know FOX News is at the bottom of the ratings pile

Rest in Peace Pepe the Frog

James Clapper hinted there's an investigation into Donald Trump's business dealings in Russia

Alisyn Camerota says Roger Ailes sexually harassed her

Donald Trump-A hundred percent the wall is built

Jason Chaffetz says it's not looking good for Michael Flynn

Fox News has a new line up

Delta kicks a man off the plane because he had to use the bathroom

Jesse Watters made the hand job motion while talking about Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump learns you can't always be unpredictable when you're in a war

Never Ask A Woman was trending on Twitter

Baby goat on a skateboard is the cutest animal of the day

Folks put their two cents in about the Donald Trump Sally Yates shit-uation

Folks say Donald Trump didn't want Sally Yates testifying about Michael Flynn

Folks cracked on Bill O'Reilly after he cracked on Maxine Waters

Uh-oh Devin Nunes met with a secret source on the White House grounds

James Comey confirmed what those of us in our right minds already know

A human gives beauty tips

A Secret Service agent ran into the White House fence jumper

James Comey plus investigations equal firing

Betsy DeVos' ten rules on education

The Not My Super Bowl Champs hashtag had jokes

A message from 2017

Somebody at Yahoo Finance really doesn't like Donald Trump