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Nikki Haley doesn't strike me as the type of woman who will cheat on her husband with Donald Trump
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 27, 2018

Nikki Haley doesn’t strike me as the type of woman who will go out and cheat on her husband.

She’ll be like, “No, I don’t think I should do that. I have children. They love their dad and I love my husband. No, I’m uncomfortable with that.” That’s Nikki Haley.

So when I heard that D.C. mitch Michael Wolff insinuated in his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that Nikki Haley was one of Donald Trump’s ol’ ladies, I immediately knew Wolff was lying like a dog.

Unfortunately for Wolff, his insinuation about Haley may be the very thing that stops those books from flying off the shelf.

When folks catch you in one lie, that’s it. You’re branded a liar for life. And Wolff has been caught in a lie. I don’t care what he says.

Yeah, it’s true Donald Trump loves pussy. We all find out from that Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape that Trump loves pussy so much that he will take the owner of the pussy furniture shopping in order to convince the pussy’s owner that he should have her pussy.

Now, I doubt very seriously that Donald Trump got a peek at Nikki Haley’s pussy. That just didn’t happen folks. But y’all see, that’s what Wolff does.

He takes a known fact about somebody and uses it as evidence that something did occur.

In this case, Wolff is taking the fact that Trump loves pussy and is using it to say that Trump had a sexual relationship with Haley.

Wolff fails to take into consideration the other factor, Haley. He sees her not as an independent person but someone who is dependent and therefor at the mercy of another; which will be Donald Trump.

It’s true that as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Haley serves our country at the pleasure of the president.

But her serving our country at the pleasure of the president doesn’t mean she’s serving the president pleasure.

Therefore, all Wolff has done by accusing Haley of being a low down dirty whore who will stoop so low that she would open her legs for Donald Trump is to make his book good for nothing but some extra pieces of toilet paper.

Now, now, now I know there are those of you who are sitting here reading this and saying to yourself, “You don’t know that woman. She probably did give Trump some.”

It’s true. I don’t know her personally. But hell, I’m human and I know humans.

And one thing I can tell you just by observing Nikki Haley’s behavior and mannerism is that she is not the type of human who is going to mess up her life with her family for another man; especially if that man’s name is Donald J. Trump Sr. That’s just not her folks.

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