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Not too many people on social media are happy about Jeb Bush possibly running for president
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 3, 2015

Not too many people who responded on Jeb Bush’s facebook and twitter pages are excited about his announcement that he is considering running for president in 2016.

Anne Adams, who commented on Bush’s facebook page, simply said, “No offense but Please don’t run.”

Lori Ann commented on Bush’s facebook page that the “senseless war” in Iraq is why she isn’t voting for another Bush.

H02@10Frank10 tweeted that he isn’t in favor of having “another bush” in office. And Hayden Green@Hayden_Wesley tweeted that the 2000 Presidential Election, which some believe George W. Bush stole, is evidence that Jeb Bush cannot be trusted.

The 2000 Presidential Election and the Iraq War have resulted in former President George W. Bush and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush being painted in a bad light.

Florida was the state that decided the 2000 Presidential Election. Jeb Bush has been accused of conspiring with his brother, then Governor George W. Bush, to steal the election from former Vice President Al Gore.

The infamous chad ballots, which pollsters had trouble discerning, and the voter purge were at the center of the debacle.

Jeb Bush and then Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris held steadfast to their belief that they did not deliberately try to mislead and disenfranchise voters, but that the situation was a result of them not managing the situation properly.

Unfortunately for Jeb Bush, he and his then secretary of state explanation for the Florida debacle is not enough.

For those on the opposite end of the political spectrum, the 2000 Presidential Election was not only an example of “thievery” at the highest level but it was also an example of what a person can do when he is privilege.

Jeb Bush is one of the most privilege people in politics. His path to becoming the governor of Florida and now possibly a presidential candidate were both made possible by his family’s wealth and his father and brother’s ties to the highest office in the land.

Jeb Bush has hinted that his decision to not jump into the 2008 Presidential Race was due to voters saying that they didn’t want another “Bush” in office, i.e. another legacy family.

Jeb Bush acknowledged that his last name and family’s legacy is something that he will have to overcome.

Bush said that the way he is going to get over the “legacy” hurdle is by focusing on his views and what he did as the governor of Florida.

The only problem is that his job as governor was not viewed too favorably, and plus he is going to have a difficult time separating himself from his brother and father, who both left office on low notes.

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