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President Joe Biden Speaker Nancy Pelosi;
Speaker Nancy P.
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo;
Over a majority of
New Yorkers say
Andrew Cuomo
should not run
for a fourth
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California Govenor Gavin Newsom;
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo;

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Over a majority of New Yorkers say
Andrew Cuomo did a bad job with
his handling of the nursing homes
bby Nathan'ette Burdine: July 9, 2021

All New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Coronavirus Gov) has to do to see that his goose is cooked is to look at the recent Siena College Research Institute Poll which shows 60% of New Yorkers giving him bad marks for his handling of the coronavirus cases in the nursing homes.

The 60% is evidence that the Coronavirus Gov has not been as successful as he thought in his efforts to get his baby brother’s, Chris (Lil’ Chris) Cuomo, employer, CNN, to not talk about the nursing home scandal.

And the news outlets in New York aren’t doing anything but talking about the Coronavirus Gov’s nursing home scandal that has resulted in investigations at the state, Legislature, and federal levels.

Heck, even Saturday Night Live (SNL) talked about how the Coronavirus Gov created a Dead Zone with his decision to fill nursing homes up with coronavirus patients.

Here’s what SNL’s Weekend Update host Colin Jost said on May 8, 2021, “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Broadway could reopen on September 14th, except for the new musical about Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic, “ANDREW CUOMO’S NURSINGHOMA!”

Yeah, they get it! Andrew Cuomo doesn’t want anybody to know what we all know which is that he’s responsible for the coronavirus hitch hiking a ride on sick folks into nursing homes where sick ol’ folks are.

Folks, it’s common sense! Sick people + sick people=dead people. In the Coronavirus Gov’s case, 15,000+ dead people in nursing home is what happened after his nincompoop decision to place sick people in the same place with other sick people.

The Coronavirus Gov didn’t pay any of that any never mind, though. He, instead, decided to profit from all of the death by using his Coronavirus Gov image in order to get a $5 million book deal about how he “successfully” laid the smack down on the coronavirus.

Andrew Cuomo’s decision to place profit over people has not only led to over a majority of New Yorkers giving him bad marks on his handling of coronavirus cases in the nursing homes, but it has also led to 62% of New Yorkers saying he should hit the road and not come back to the governor’s mansion.

Cuomo would say all of that is a bunch of bull. And anybody with a lick of sense would see all the evidence a person needs to show that New Yorkers want to be his friend till the end are the 66% of New Yorkers who say he’s doing a swell job managing the vaccination program, the 60% who gave him two thumbs up for all the right information he’s provided about the coronavirus, and the 54% who gave him five smiley faces for the good job he’s doing with the reopening of New York.

Hahaha, yeah, whatever man is the only response one needs. If all of that stuff amounted to a hill of beans, Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t be dealing with the fact that the same percentage (56%) of New Yorkers who want someone else to run are the same percentage (56%) of New Yorkers who say he’s doing an F- job as governor.

Folks, it’s no other way to put it. The “tremendous personal benefit” that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got from the $5 million he made off the 15,000+ human deaths that he caused in the nursing homes is why he’ll be out of a job come next year.

Oh well, sucks for him!


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