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Paul Ryan chose his party over
the word of God
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 29, 2018

Paul (Pollie Paulie) Ryan has finally made it official. He’s let folks know that he values his party more than he does the word of God.

Now…I know there are some of y’all who’re asking, “What made you say something like that?”

Welp, ol Pollie Paulie there let his true colors show after he forced House Chaplain Patrick Conroy to resign over Conroy’s decision to pray to God that Congress treats everybody equally, even during tax season.

The Hill quoted Conroy as saying, “May all Members be mindful of our great Nation institutions and structures that have allowed some to achieve great success, while other continue to struggle. May their efforts these days guarantee that there are not winners and losers under new tax laws, but benefits balanced and shared by all Americans.”

This here is no different than what God said in Romans 2:11 about treating all human beings equally.

Here is what the good Lawd said, “For there is no partiality with God.” That’s right. Nobody will be treated better because of his/her wealth or treated worse because he/she is broke. Everybody will be treated the same.

Pollie Paulie didn’t hear any of that though. All he heard was Rev. Conroy dissing the Republicans’ new tax plan.

Pollie Paulie, of course, denies he made the good reverend hand in his letter of resignation because of his prayer.

Let ol’ Pollie Paulie tell it, his forcing a man of God to resign wasn’t due to his (Pollie Paulie) warped interpretation of the good reverend’s prayer that was based on God’s word that all humans beings are equal and therefore should not be partial with each other.

But Pollie Paulie’s decision to force the good reverend to resign was…Let’s see, what was it again? Oh, that’s right. No comment. And then it was that the good reverend made the decision on his own. Finally, ol’Pollie Paulie settle on it being due to some Republicans saying the reverend wasn’t fulfilling his duties properly. Let’s look at this.

The no comment response is nothing but silence. As y’all know, silence speaks louder than words. And what Pollie Paulie’s silence says is he was thinking of a way to get his lie straight about the wrong he had done to a man of God. Yeah, I said it, “his lie straight.”

Pollie Paulie’s second response is evidence of the fact that he wasn’t telling the whole truth about the good reverend deciding that after eight-years on the job he’d find another source of income.

Pollie Paulie knew the good reverend had submitted a resignation letter in which he (Conroy) wrote, “As you have requested, I hereby offer my resignation as the 60th chaplain of the United States House of Representatives.”

In fact, several Democrats and some Republicans have come out and said that Conroy was given the decision to either resign or be fired.

Yet, even with knowing all of that, Pollie Paulie decided to fix his lips and tell folks that the good reverend made the decision on his own to step aside.

That’s why I believe that Pollie Paulie read that resignation letter again and decided he’d throw another one out there.

However, just like the second reason, the third reason amounted to a pig that wouldn’t fly right. Pollie Paulie reasoning that he got rid of the good reverend because of some members dissatisfaction with him is contradicted by Pollie Paulie’s own letter, responding to the good reverend’s resignation letter.

In his letter, Pollie Paulie praised the reverend for doing what he said some members said the good reverend didn’t do; which is to fulfill his duties as the House Chaplain.

Here’s what the current Speaker of the House said about the former House Chaplain, “Father Conroy has been a great source of strength and support to our community. He is deeply admired by members and staff. Father Conroy’s ministry here has made a difference, and we are all grateful to him.”

Inquiring minds will want to know, “Why would somebody be grateful to a person who hasn’t fulfilled his duties?” Mm-hmm, that’s what folks will want to know. And to add salt and vinegar on this pulsating wound, the good reverend submitted his letter of resignation six days after Pollie Paulie told everybody he is resigning.

So yeah, let the fact set in that Pollie Paulie kicked the good reverend out six days after he told everybody he was out and therefore wouldn’t be around to take the heat for his partial treatment of the good reverend.

Folks, it’s easier to be a private citizen than it is a public figure. All of those questions run up your blood pressure.

And the one question of why would Pollie Paulie say some members thought the good reverend wasn’t fulfilling his duties when Pollie Paulie himself said in a response to Conroy’s resignation letter that “the good reverend has been a great source of strength and support to our community” would have caused Pollie Paulie’s blood pressure to go up so that he would’ve had heart palpitations and been force to quit due to his health.

And y’all know Pollie Paulie, he’s a fitness fanatic. But all of that hell coming his way because of that tangled web he would have weaved would have caused ol’ Pollie Paulie there to just be a fitness fan.


As the ol' saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Ol’ Pollie Paulie there didn’t like the fact that the good reverend used the word of God in order to remind all members in Congress that they should treat all Americans equally, even during tax season.

And that right there, equality during tax season, is something that Pollie Paulie just can’t have.

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