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Flores' case killed
her during robbery
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A firefighter was robbed while battling the fires in Northern California
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Peter Manfredonia;

Peter Manfredonia

Peter Manfredonia was on his way
to see his former girlfriend on the
day he began his killing spree
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 29, 2020

The folks over at the Connecticut Post say they have it in strictest confidence, from a highly credible source that on the day Peter (Killing Pete) Manfredonia began his killing spree, he was on his way to see his ex-girlfriend.

Nobody knows exactly why Killing Pete didn’t circle back around to his ex-girlfriend after he got through with his killing and stealing spree. But what is quite certain is that if his killing and stealing spree hadn’t put him on a detour, he more than lady will killed his ex-girlfriend as well.

Come on now,  folks, y’all know I’m telling the truth. We hear about these types of cases all the time. A boy goes crazy after a girl tells him that she doesn’t like him anymore. He goes to his mama and daddy’s closet where he grabs his daddy’s guns. Then he heads out, decked out in all black, to a school, his job, or a theatre where he opens fire on everybody moving.

Sometimes, he hits his target, the girl, who he wants everybody to believe caused him to bring about all of this death and destruction. Most of the time, though, he just kills everybody else; which is exactly what Peter Manfredonia did.

Peter Manfredonia killed a little ol’ 62-year-old man, Theodore DeMers, who offered to give him a lift on his four-wheeler after his, Peter Manfredonia, motorcycle broke down.

An 80-year-old Navy veteran named John Franco tried to help 62-year-old Theodore DeMers out, but Peter Manfredonia beat John Branco do to the ground so that he had to be rushed to the hospital where he is now in stable condition.

After taking down the two ol’ men, Peter Manfredonia made his way over to a young man’s house. The young man was 23-year-old Nicholas Eisele , who was also Peter Manfredonia’s classmate over at Newtown High School. Peter Manfredonia went over to Nicholas Eisele’s house , got into a fight with him, and then took out his gun and shot the young man dead, in the head.

In between all of his killing, a light bulb came on in Killing Pete’s head, alerting him to the fact that he didn’t have a ride and was about to be low on ammo.

So, Killing Pete went on and found himself a house to break into that had ammo, guns, and a ride he could steal. Get this, though, the police didn’t find out that Killing Pete had broken into the home and went on a thief’s shopping spree until after they went to the homeowner to tell him/her that they had found his/her vehicle.

That’s interesting, ain’t it?! Your house gets broken into. Your ammo, guns, and ride are stolen, but you don’t tell the police. The police don’t find out about all these crimes committed against you until they show up to alert you about one of the crimes that was committed against you. Basically, if it wasn’t for that person’s ride being stolen and then abandon, the police never would’ve known about all the other crimes committed against that person.

Ain’t nobody saying who this “benevolent” victim was. But with the way things are sounding, I wouldn’t be surprise if it wasn’t a family member who just didn’t want to get Killing Pete in any more trouble than he was already in.

And let me tell you, folks, Killing Pete was in a lot of trouble. Not only did he have beating, stealing, and killing to add to his criminal resume, but he went ahead and got kidnapper added as well. Like I told y’all earlier, it’s something with these little boys who can’t keep these little girls like them. They go crazy, I tell ya.

Let’s take Killing Pete, again, for instance. Although Killing Pete didn’t get his hands on his former ex-girlfriend, he did manage to get his hands on Nicholas Eisele’s girlfriend. Killing Pete kidnapped her and stole her black Jetta. Luckily for her, the police found she and her black Jetta safe at a New Jersey rest stop. Being the novice criminal that he is, Killing Pete ditched all of his stolen rides and decided to take an Uber, instead.

And as y’all know, an Uber is the rest form of transportation for a criminal to take because those Uber folks keep track of everything. Also, there are a lot of criminals working for Uber. It’s nothing for those Uber drivers to kidnap somebody, kill ‘em, and then dumped his/her body on the side of the road. Therefore, the chances are great of a novice criminal coming in contact with a more senior criminal, in his profession, who wants to add the novice to his list of “achievements.”

Those Uber drivers are scarier than a boatload of clowns, I tell y’all the truth right now. And folks, that’s the most concerning thing about Killing Pete. If Killing Pete had managed to get away, change his hair color and name, he could’ve easily worked as an Uber driver; which would’ve enabled him to hone his stealing, kidnapping, and killing skills.

The good news is that the police caught him nearby a truck stop in Hagerstown, Maryland, before he could become a professional criminal. The bad news is that Theodore DeMers, Nicholas Eisele, Eisele’s girlfriend’s family, and John Franco were part of Peter (Killing Pete) Manfredonia’s criminal training that ended in the families of Theodore Demers and Nicholas Eisele losing their loved ones.

Peter Manfredonia is sitting in a Maryland jail where he, according to his family’s lawyer Michael Dolan, is “scared” about all of the state and federal charges that will be thrown at him after he is extradited back to the state of Connecticut.

Somebody should’ve told that young man that crime is a profession that always leads to criminals getting hit with charges that keeps them forever stuck inside of a prison cell.

Oh well, sucks for him!


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