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Pizzas and weddings don't go together
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 11, 2015

Pizzas and weddings are two things that generally do not go together. But this unusual pairing was made a possibility after the owner of a Pizza restaurant in Indiana said that she would not cater a same-sex couple’s wedding.

Now in the middle of all of this, no one stopped to ask, “Who is serving pizza at a wedding!?” Pizza is good, messy food.

It is generally served at more rambunctious occasions like an eight year old’s birthday party or a Superbowl Party.

Pizza is not something that is usually served at a wedding. Weddings are places where everyone, or at least everyone should be, dressed nice. They’re looking good and smelling good.

And one thing people do not like to do is to mess up a new, possibly expensive outfit. Just imagine, the bride’s beautiful white dress decorated in splashes of red pizza sauce, with ham and sausage ornaments.

Then there’s the groom whose nice tux is now decorated in cheesy dip stripes. And let’s not forget the couples’ parents who have to take a little more insulin before eating this hot, spicy food.

It’s just a horrible sight all around. The point is that God doesn’t want you looking, feeling, and smelling a hot mess on your blessed day.

So please, “Ban pizzas from all weddings.”

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